Coffee Making Hacks When You Don’t Have a Machine

If you are anything like most of the modern world, you need a good cup of coffee before you can do much of anything. The only issue with this is what you do when you can’t get it. Your first impulse will probably be to quickly type starbucks near me in a state of panic while debating if you can simply eat coffee grounds. Take a moment, though, and check out these quick and easy methods to make coffee at home without any fancy equipment. It will hopefully be enough to keep you going until you get your coffee maker fixed.

How to make coffee in the microwave

This is the ultimate coffee hack if you have nothing in the house to make your morning coffee. You’ve looked high and low for filters and French-presses but there is nothing to be found. Well, if you have a mug and a microwave, there is hope yet.

All you will need is your ground coffee, water, a microwave, and a mug. Start by filling your mug with water and then heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes so that the water is hot but not quite boiling. Be careful taking the hot mug out of the microwave and add in your coffee granules. About a tablespoon will do and then let this sit for 4 minutes to let the coffee steep. The granules will make their way to the bottom of the mug in this time. After you’ve waited for your coffee will be ready to drink! Just make sure to leave the last half an inch of coffee at the bottom unless you want a mouthful of granules.

The Swedish egg technique

This is one of the more interesting ways to make coffee without a machine that hails from Sweden. What you will need is a fresh egg, your ground coffee (coarse if possible), water at room temperature, ice-cold water, a saucepan, a cup, and a filter – a hanky or cheesecloth will work here.

Start by boiling your room temperature water in the saucepan over the hob. In a cup crack the egg and then add the sell too (bear with us here). Crush and mix the egg in the bowl and then add in the coffee granules. Your water should now be boiling, so add in the coffee and egg mixture into the water and simmer for three to five minutes. When you start to see the mixture clumping and floating on the top of the water add in your ice-cold water. Let this all sit for a minute and the chunks will make their way to the bottom of the pan. Get your filter and place on the top of your mug and then pour the coffee over the top, making sure that any solids are caught in the filter. You’ll find that you have a deliciously smooth coffee left waiting for you! The egg helps to remove acidity in the coffee and leaves you with a fantastic coffee…even though the method may raise some eyebrows!


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