Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

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So, you bought a house, and it’s now time to clean it for the first time? If it’s your first time owning a house, chances are you’re scared of the process of deep cleaning.

However, it’s nothing to be scared of because it sounds more complicated than it is. Surely, there are a lot of details you should pay attention to, so much so that you’ll probably forget a few.

The organization is half the success, and it can help you become better at this over time. A few other tricks can help you get better at cleaning and staying on top of your game.

New homeowners are often too afraid due to lack of experience. Still, the tips in the article below can help you clean and maintain your house, so you don’t feel overwhelmed ever again.

  1. Make a list

The first thing you should do is try to organize the work by making a list of all the things you should do. Now, don’t panic if you don’t know what you should do. You can find a variety of cleaning checklists online, which can be quite helpful for beginners.

If you don’t like any of the online checklists, you can make your own in a few minutes. List all the rooms you have, including the outdoor spaces, garage, basement, and attic if you have one.

If that sounds like too much to tackle, you can separate this into two projects. Once you’ve listed the rooms, you should write the things that require your attention in each room. In a few minutes, you’ll have a long list of things.

You can divide the list and assign some of the tasks to other members of your household. If you live alone, you should consider dividing it by day of the week.

  1. Have all your tools and supplies ready

Getting down and dirty to clean the house is overwhelming enough. Having to leave your home messy to go out and buy sponges and mops is another level of annoying.

For this reason, you should have everything ready for you the moment you want to start cleaning. Now, if you’ve just moved in, the chances are you don’t have much, or you maybe don’t even know what you need.

Take a look at the list you made and think about what you’ll need for each task. What type of detergent, chemical or polish, as well as what kind of a sponge, cloth or a mop. Write a shopping list and make sure to get all of these before it’s time to clean.

  1. Work by starting at the top

The last thing you want is dust from the shelves falling on your clean floors. For this reason, you should start cleaning at the top, working your way down as you go.

All the dust from shelves, light fixtures, and windows will fall on your floors that you’re yet to clean. So, everything will look nice and clean once you vacuum and mop.

  1. Get yourself a quality vacuum cleaner

Nothing is worse than dirty floors, whether you have carpets, laminate, tile, or vinyl. Keeping those clean will make a significant difference in how clean the entire house looks.

Still, you need a quality vacuum cleaner for the job. Luckily, the market offers a vast choice of units that range in features, abilities, accessories, and ease of use.

Choosing one requires a bit of thought because everyone’s needs and preference are different. You need a unit that’s versatile, powerful, and easy to use, so you might want to consider the Shark nv501 vacuum. It’s among the best models from the brand, and it’s ideal for new homeowners.

  1. Take the time to declutter

Clutter is your worst enemy as you’ll quickly learn even if you’ve just recently moved in. Having a lot of stuff all over your house will make it tricky to clean the area. Just imagine having to vacuum around books, sports equipment, clothes, and other such items.

The first step is to get rid of things you haven’t used for a year. Some of these things can stay if they have emotional value to you, but others have to go.

Give these items away or try to sell them, but make sure to part your ways with them. It may be a bit difficult to do this, but it’s going to make a massive difference in how neat and clean your house looks.

  1. Put things back in place

You probably heard this one before, and if you tried, you know it’s harder than it sounds. Still, it’s only hard until you get used to doing it, so why not start now?

Putting things back in place once you’re done using them will help to maintain the space clean and neat at all times. We often leave this for later, but you should really try and do it now because it will only get harder once things start piling up.

Clutter is always overwhelming, so a pile of clothes is much more time-consuming and annoying to clean than a single jacket lying on your sofa. Try doing this of a few days, and you’ll notice the change in how your house looks.

  1. Don’t forget the machines

Loading and unloading the dishwasher can be a tiresome task, but the longer you wait to complete it, the worse it gets.

What happens if you don’t unload the dishes? You’ll probably end up layering dirty ones in the sink and around it until your kitchen starts looking like a messy hell.

For this reason, it’s undoubtedly easier to just tackle the dishwasher the first chance you get so that it’s free for the new dishes.

The same goes for your laundry. If your clothes sit in the dryer for two days, you’ll most definitely have to iron them. This would take time and effort you wouldn’t otherwise have to put in if you just unloaded the dryer right away.

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