Christina Kunanets Creates 3D Oil Paintings of Mouth-Watering Food

Who is Christina Kunanets?

Ukraine-based Christina Kunanets is a talented artist famous for her vintage plates with 3D food. You can expect to see a collection of delicious bagels, pies, croissants, avocado toasts, seafood, and various other dishes that will make you hungry.

Christina turns her creativity and imagination into very striking kinds of art pieces that intrigue and satisfy the senses.

Did I mention that caviar is on the menu too? Scroll down to see what is cooking!

oil painting art of toast with nutella

What Does She Create?

Christina paints classic bakery items and yummy meals on vintage plates each of which looks extremely realistic!

She shares the photos of her art pieces on Instagram and also includes the video of the last touch, which generally showcases how she spreads Nutella or avocado on a slice of bread or decorates a cupcake with icing cream. #yum

Her videos get 20M+ views on Tiktok and she gets many requests to repeat each of them again, as they are so mesmerizing to watch.
Seriously you have to check them out and see how she spreads that creamy-looking paint on pastry and bread!

“I got numerous requests to repeat this toast again and 20M views on the Tiktok.” she captions one of her most popular photos.

amazing oil painting art with oysters lemons


No matter what they do, all artists have a natural urge to create, which comes through in different forms, this constantly amazes us and undoubtedly feeds our artistic side.

Besides, they always have a reason to create something very personal and make their work even more outstanding as their art includes a message to lead the observer to ponder.

“I believe that everything where a person puts labor and emotions into – is art. Our planet is polar, and you shouldn’t worry about any temporary changes and fashion. Art is eternal. But I believe that everything should have the correct meaning and content!” Says Christina.

It is clear that she has a uniquely imaginative way to create such an extraordinary type of art which she defines as follows; “My paintings are an individual perception, interpretation or even fake of a beautiful, calm, feeling of happiness, which is so fleeting and unstable in life.”


It is unfair that we can’t just take a bite, don’t you agree?

Scroll down and see how art can make you feel hungry, Enjoy!

oil painting art of avocado
stunning oil painting art of a lemon cheesecake
beautiful oil painting art of fresh baked goods
strawberry and cream art oil painting art

a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs done with oil
oil painting of caviar and oysters
lemon cheesecake oil painting art
oil painting art cream cheese bagel


You can check out Christina’s work on Instagram and if you’re lucky enough, you can purchase her work on Etsy!