Choosing Between Stacker or Sliding Doors

Having a gorgeous outdoor area or large lawn is really wasted without patio doors. Patio doors can provide a beautiful elegant view while allowing easy access to your outdoor area. The value of your home can even be raised by installing patio doors.

Traditionally patio doors are made of glass to allow guests to experience the view from inside. There are a couple of popular styles to choose from for patio doors. Stacking doors or sliding doors.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to learn the differences between stacker and sliding doors and which is the best option for you.

What Is a Stacker Door?

Stacker doors are exactly how they sound. Glass doors are stacked behind each other up to as many as six doors can be stacked. These doors can be slid to allow more room and space than a more conventional sliding door.

The most common configuration for stacking sliding doors is three panels. One panel is fixed while the other two can be moved. The two sliding doors are wider than conventional sliding doors. This allows for a bigger access point to the outdoors as well as a bigger view.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most common type of glass patio door. Unlike the stacking sliding doors, traditional sliding doors consist of only two panels. One is stationary while the other slides back and forth.

Traditional sliding doors differ from stacker doors in that they are smaller. Traditional sliding doors are usually around the same width as a standard doorway. Some are a bit wider, but overall, the actual space to access the outside is smaller than stacker doors.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

As with anything, there are many advantages and disadvantages for both stacker doors and sliding doors. Knowing what each can offer as far as positives and negatives will help to choose the best option for you.

Stacker Doors

One of the biggest advantages to stacker doors is the amount of space it provides. But, beyond that stacker doors also allow more control over airflow and temperature.  While all panels can be opened or closed at once, stacked doors allow individual panels to be partially opened or partially closed. Regulating how much air, heat, and cold is allowed inside.

While some may claim a downside is the inability to keep bugs and other pests out, there are built-in screen track options. These work the same way as the doors and are stackable as well.

Because the doors are bigger space is needed for them is larger. This allows for a larger space all around. One of the benefits of this besides the view and airflow is the ability to bring in oversized items.

Instead of rotating and attempting to fit through standard doors to sliding doors, stacker doors provide the room and space necessary to make the move with ease.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer easy access and airflow to the outside patio area or into your house. Sliding doors offer a choice of either a glass door or a screen door. As there are only two panels, one fixed and one sliding.

The downside to traditional sliding doors is the inability to have both a glass door and screen track. With a glass door, leaving it open runs the risk of letting bugs and insect into your house. But, with a screen track, there is no way to keep the elements from coming inside. This could mean not just cold or hot air, but potentially rain, snow, and sleet as well.

Yet, sliding glass doors are a great way of reducing energy costs by providing sunlight to a room and helping to heat or cool a specific room.

The Best Option for You

When it comes to choosing between a stacked door option or sliding door option, the choice is ultimately yours. It will all depend on your needs and desires.

For more space and better control of airflow and temperature, the stacked door option is the best. However, for cost and simplicity, traditional sliding doors would be a better option. Just know the downsides to each.

For example, you may save money on materials and labor with sliding doors, but you will lose the ability to properly control air flow and keep bugs out. Whichever your choice, though, you can’t go wrong with a better view and access to the beautiful patio you’ve created.

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