Celebrities Travel Through Time to Take a Photo with Themselves

Arda Gelincik is a Dutch artist, a master at Photoshop and a man who cheats reality by practically creating a time machine. Ard is able to send you back in time to stand next to your younger self with such flawless photo manipulation. Today we’ll present you some of the most iconic celebrities we all love literally hugging their younger versions and having a blast. Result blossoms with catharsis, leaving you in confusion, joy, and sadness due to damn aging factor. Maestro at his best, Ard Gelinck posts everything new he does on his Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow him and have fun traveling through time together!

Robbie Williams

Bruce Springsteen

Amy Winehouse

The King – Elvis Presley

Like a Virgin – Madonna

Michelle Obama

Justin Timberlake

The whole family is here! Michael Jackson

Chris Zegers

Tina Turner

Willeke Alberti

Lady Gaga



Ron Howard

Rob Lowe

Freddie Mercury

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