Gaku From Japan Creates Wonderful and Tasty Art by Carving Fruits and Vegetables

Moms always say “don’t play with your food”, but this rule does not apply to Gaku, a talented Japanese artist who brought the food carving game to a whole new level. He loves carving mesmerizing shapes and patterns on everyday fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, etc. Although Gaku started practicing this technique 8 months ago, this traditional Japanese form of art is called Mukimono and it literally means “stripped product”. The old technique became a popular form of food presentation back in 16th century in Japan. The thing that makes Gaku’s art even more impressive is that he has to do it rather fast because of oxidization. This gifted Japanese artist eats all of his projects after he finishes them. He deserves it, no doubt about that.

Amazing work.


Considering how fast he has to carve, this is pretty impressive.

Dragon banana.


Kids would eat these.

Simply fantastic.

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