Captivating Female Portraits by Anna Mirtova

Moscow, Russia based Anna Mirtova works as a fashion photographer and has 8 years experience in this field. She cooperates with glossy publishers, modeling agencies, stylists, makeup artists and fashion designers to create these captivating female portraits. Anna has an extraordinary style and approach for every detail of her captures which always end up in sophisticated female portraits that provokes various thoughts. Using her lens, she brings her models’ dreams, thoughts, fears, passions, etc. to light. While doing this, she includes different objects and materials to compose her scenes. She explains her perspective for photography with these words; “I think that photo portraits are a mirror of the soul. Playing with flowers, with light and shadow, we can emphasize inner qualities.” She is one of the rare talents we have met so far and we can’t wait to share her impressive portfolio with you. Never miss a second to see her female portraits. Enjoy!