Captivating and Bold Female Portraits by Max Thompson

Having quitted his sales job years ago, Los Angeles, CA, USA based Max Thompson soon became the rising star of the photography world with his mysterious and independent female portraits. He has a perfectionist eye for detail which adds an identity to his captures and upgrades them to pieces of art. It is impossible to have a look at his photo for once but stand still in front of it to understand the story behind it. In one of his interviews he states; ” I’m from San Jose which is a suburb town of San Francisco. My family and I have always been close. We didn’t come from much money however so there were struggles at times. But high spirits nonetheless. Switched schools a lot. Lived in a motel for years and years. There were a few times during my late teens/early 20s that I was homeless living out of my car. Played lots of music back then before I ever picked up a camera.” When asked about the reason he prefers black and white for his portraits, he replied as follows; ” I’m heavily influenced by timeless cinema. I love watching a film or looking at a picture that I can’t put my finger on as to when it was shot. I think black and white photography is excellent for that concept since it’s been around longer.” Max is now one of the best in the business and shoots a lot of fashion and commercial photography. Scroll down and feast your eyes with his captivating and bold female portraits.

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