Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks? Don’t Worry, It’s Possible.

So, can tattoos cover stretch marks? Yes, absolutely, tattoos can cover Stretchmarks. Stretchmarks do not cause any adverse medical problems; they are aesthetic in nature, however, tattoos are an option to cover them up.

Striae distensea, in other words, stretch marks, are a common skin condition. They appear as benign cutaneous lesions caused by dermal fiber disturbances.

In simple terms, they are marks on the skin, of which most are visible. Hence, that’s why most people want it covered up. 

can tattoos cover stretch marks

Why Do Stretch Marks Appear?

Both teenagers and adults can have stretchmarks for differing reasons. Typically, stretch marks appear during the puberty stage. Due to the rapid growth, disrupted collagen production, and sudden changes in the body, stretch marks can appear.

As for adults, stretch marks are acquired differently. Some get stretch marks after pregnancy. Others get it from rapid weight loss or gain. Rapid muscle growth is another factor that can cause stretch marks.

On the other hand, Cushing’s disease and Marfan syndrome can also cause stretch marks. 

Stretch marks generally appear on the thighs, legs, and abdomen. When fresh stretch marks develop, the skin is raised and can be slightly itchy. Also, it appears red or reddish-brown in color. In some cases, they are pink or purple. Mainly, it depends on the skin tone of the person. 

Can You Get A Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

Yes. Many have done it. Covering up stretch marks with tattoos is not that uncommon. Since stretch marks may appear differently, it is vital to do some evaluation. Not all stretch marks can absorb ink pigments. Some aren’t even ideal for getting tattooed over. 

The proper method of stretch mark tattoos must be well-executed for best results. Another factor to closely examine is the design. It has to go well with the appearance of the stretch mark. Lastly, it is essential to know that the artist knows how to cover it up without causing any skin damage. 

Is It Safe To Cover Up Stretch Marks With Tattoos?

Covering your stretch mark with skin art is safe. As was mentioned, stretch marks cause no adverse medical conditions. Thus, it is considered safe. However, there are stretch marks that aren’t ideal for tattoo cover-up. 

Some stretch marks cause deep scars. In this case, it will be harder for the ink to penetrate. It can be possible that the ink pigment will not be able to reach the second layer of the skin. As a result, the tattoo appears faded even if it’s new. 

Is It Painful To Get a Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

Getting a tattoo is painful. Hence, the same goes with tattooing over a stretch mark. However, it can be more painful. The nerve endings around the stretch marks are more sensitive. It is likely to respond more to every prick of the tattoo needle. 

Injecting the ink into the stretch mark is another cause. The ink can get distorted. Thus, the artist will tend to go deeper to etch the ink pigment. Additionally, tattooing fresh stretch marks are highly discouraged.

Apart from the fact that it is more painful, the tattoo can appear faded. Thus, tattoo artists often recommend fully healing it before covering it up. 

arm tattoo over stretch marks

What Do You Need To Know Before Covering Up a Stretch Mark with Tattoos?

Assess the Stretch Mark’s Condition

It’s no good to tattoo over a fresh stretch mark. They usually appear raised when they first develop. Tattooing over it is not only painful, but the results can be mediocre. New stretch marks can’t absorb the ink pigment well. Hence, it can look faded just after a few weeks. 

Evaluate the Stretch Mark’s Color

The color of the stretch mark can tell you whether it is healed or not. Reddish or purplish stretch marks indicate that the stretch mark is new. It will be harder to conceal it with a tattoo, and it can be extra painful. 

Calculate the Stretch Mark’s Length and Width

The bigger the stretch mark, the harder to hide it. The best solution for a wide stretch mark is creating a design and working around it. 

Recognize Potential Body Changes

As previously mentioned, stretch marks can be caused by rapid loss or gain in weight. Also, muscle build-up can develop stretch marks.

If you are planning on losing or gaining weight, it is recommended to achieve your target weight before getting tattoos. Rapid changes in the body can potentially change the appearance of the tattoo. Thus, it is not ideal for covering up a stretch mark while on the verge of achieving your fitness goals. 

Radical Stretchmark Tattooing Methods

Pen and Tetrachromat Method

This method is quite radical. Only a few experts practice it. The process encompasses matching the ink color to the skin tone. By matching the colors of the torn skin and broken collagen, the stretch mark will appear as if it wasn’t there in the first place. 

The skin typically has multiple tones. Using the tetrachromat techniques, one can see more skin colors in contrast to normal eye sights. A tetrachromat method is special. Only those with tetrachromat abilities can do it. 

Tetrachromats have an extra receptor. That receptor gives them the ability to see little nuances of tones in the skin. Thus, matching the skin tone is no sweat for tetrachromats. They can match skin colors using ink precisely. This method uses a digital tattoo pen to inject the ink. 

Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage

Tattoo artists using this method use organic ink and custom needles to create custom ink for every client. Since every skin tone is different, creating a special skin tone ink for every client does the concealing trick. 

The Brazilian stretch mark camouflage also has no limitations. It can work with new stretch marks the way it works well with old ones. Another best thing about this method is the use of all-natural products. The special ink used for this procedure is formulated to last. It also prevents the tattoo from fading over time. Thus, it is guaranteed that the tattoo will look pristine even with age. 

The needles used are also customized. It is one factor that impacts the longevity of the tattoo. The needles are custom-made to fit the procedure perfectly. Therefore, it is easier to inject the skin through the bumps of the stretch marks.  

women getting a tatoo on her arm over stretch marks

Who Can Get A Tattoo Over Their Stretch Marks?

Getting a tattoo to cover up a stretch mark is possible. However, there are just measures to follow. To attain the best results, it is highly recommended to heal the stretch mark first before etching the skin art. 

Anybody with stretch marks can get a tattoo. Aesthetic-wise, stretch marks aren’t really appealing. Physically, it does not look good. It can even trigger insecurities in some. The only concern with stretch marks and tattoos is the skin’s current condition. 

The pain that comes with tattooing is one thing. However, the pain of getting tattoos over a stretch mark hurts more. Also, getting a tattoo simultaneously is not ideal for someone working out to lose or gain weight. It can somehow alter the image of the tattoo. 

Moreover, pregnant women are not recommended to tattoo over stretch marks. More stretch marks can likely appear after giving birth. It is best to wait it out until no more body changes are happening at once. 

Stretch Mark Cover Up Design Ideas

Zebra Stripes Tattoo Design

Stretch marks appear almost like zebra stripes. Following its course will be easier and more effective to conceal it. Zebra stripes are a unique design with a touch of contemporary safari appeal. It is timeless and can hide every millimeter of the stretch mark. 

Mermaid Scale Tattoo

A mermaid scale is another pattern that can mimic the natural shape of stretch marks. It is feminine, unique, and simple. It looks good on either a small or big cover-up. Splash it with some teals and purple, and your stretch mark will be good to go. 

Floral Overload Tattoo

Flowers are always a delight. Covering it up with flowers might just do the trick if you have stretch marks around the stomach. The curvy lines of flowers can easily conceal stretch mark lines. The floral design also gives you a lot of room for creativity. A combination of all your favorite flowers, some foliages, and splashes of vibrant colors will turn your stretch marks into a beautiful garden!

female tattoo artist giving a tattoo over stretch marks

Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks? – Conclusion

Tattoos can cover stretch marks and are one way to give them a whole new look. Covering stretch marks with tattoos is always a good idea., in our opinion, but you will have to decide for yourself.

As long as you let the stretch marks settle/heal first, find the most ideal design, and have an expert do it, your stretch mark will be nothing but a mere memory.