Beautiful Bridal Dresses By Malin Andrén

Swedish designer Malin Andrén grew up in an artistic home by an art director father and a seamstress mother. She soon discovered her natural talent and passion for creating, drawing and sewing. She studied fashion in New York then moved to Hong Kong to work for several major Scandinavian fashion brands. With this unique experience, she gained the knowledge of production and she also developed an unstoppable urge to create her own patterns and designs. When she turned back to her hometown, she founded her own brand, By Malina, in 2010. By Malina is well known for the use of bright colors and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out in the most amazing way. The brand has always been the go-to brand for women who love irresistible patterns and timeless silhouettes and each piece aims to make every woman feel special and unique. As they state on their website; “We love fashion with a timeless cut and irresistible patterns of all kinds. Bold, discrete, colorful, graphic and romantic prints. Every piece of clothing is made with love and is meant for all occasions; dressed up at a wedding with a pair of heels, or relaxed in flip-flops on the beach. The choice is yours.” Their bridal dresses provide comfort and style using the most luxurious materials which make you feel exceptional on your dream day. Take a look at our selection of extremely beautiful wedding dresses of By Malina.