24 Smart Ways to Accessorize Bathroom Shelves

Nothing is more charming than putting shelves to your bathroom and use them smartly both for storage purposes and decoration. As soon as you embrace the idea, then you need to find an answer to this question; “Where should I place the bathroom shelves?”. The answer surely depends on your place, but there are some particularly handy places to add shelves such as right above the sink and the toilet. A shelf mounted above the sink is perfect for storing toiletries you use often and placing some scented candles, roll of towels, etc. The latter is the best for storing extra toilet rolls, tissues, decorative baskets and some plants like succulents. You can even go crazy by creating an all green composition with various pots. The shelves are also used for displaying your pretties, little collectibles or photos which will add an artistic value to this relaxing place. You see when it comes to decorating shelves, the possibilities are endless. Below you can see some smart ways to accessorize your bathroom shelves. Have you already created your own ones at your home? Please share them with us!

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