Bridal Dress Collection by Netta Ben Shabu

Young designer Netta Ben Shabu was born in Israeli and founded her Couture brand “Netta Ben Shabu”in 2013, now currently based in the USA. Her interest in fashion goes back to her childhood as she’s always had a pencil in her hand for drawing and sketching. She never dreamt of designing everyday clothes but ball gowns and bridals have always been her favorite. She says “The dream always revolved the couture ever extravagant and out of the ordinary”. She has passion for art and exceptional materials which resulted in creating art pieces at first then she poured her skills into fashion industry then moved to the couture world. Today, Netta BenShabu is one of the best known Elite Couture designers and her collections is one of the most anticipated collections among fashion lovers. Her process for creating each piece is stated in her website as follows “Each and every gown is crafted with an eye for details, Netta oversees the entire processes from the first seam to the last bead. She is a diehard perfectionist passionate and addicted to her creations. Now she is pursuing the dream of making it a worldwide known phenomenon.” Now, please enjoy some of her exceptional designs for yourself.

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