Black Wedding Dress as an Incredible Upcoming Trend

Sophie Cachia is an Australian blogger which broke all the conventions and traditions with this amazing design of a black wedding dress! Not only is it stunning, but it looks awesome as well! When it comes of the design, she went with a bold choice for her nuptials, opting for a fabulous designer dress clad entirely in black and adorned with intricate embroidered accents. It looks very elegant and chic, considering the overall unusual combination. This bride wears it so good, she simply radiates and owns the room, like every bride should. Besides that, it is very sensual and seductive. This is a pure example of how thinking different can turn out with great outcome, and that is exactly what Sophia Cachia did; she turned the concept of gentle and soft into a darker note with amazing grace. Make sure to check out the photos of this lovely black wedding dress, you will be amazed!

Pink flowers to complete everything.


Beauty and grace.


Back of the dress is fascinating; dreamlike.


The whole surrounding fits perfectly.


Traditional family photo.


These outfits surely must have made everyone look in their direction.


Bridesmaids surely fit in great with this style!


They all look very modern and elegant; great group photo!

 via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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