Beautifully Designed Birthday Cakes for Kids by Marina Popova

Birthdays are the best once in a year occasions for everyone and they are even more special for all the kids in the world. They always dream about that day; the party, gifts and undoubtedly the cake. Creamy vanilla fruit cake or black forest, chocolate truffle or classic almond… What the kids really care is the decoration of it. Thanks to talented cake designers, there are hundreds of cake designs majorly for the kids. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation based Marina Popova is one of those talents who freeheartedly shares the visuals of her cakes on Instagram. She makes cakes, gingerbread cookies, candy bars, etc., all of which are tasty and natural. She skillfully paints birds, flowers, planes, everything that you can imagine and may request and turns an ordinary cake into a piece of art that you don’t want to cut into pieces and eat. We came upon her amazing feed on Instagram and picked these beautifully designed birthday cakes for kids for your eyes only. Just check them out and let us know about your favourite one.