Best Sites for Reviewing Beauty Products

When it comes to cosmetics, we come across several products, each with different claims. But choosing them is very difficult and the existence of different products and brands has increased this difficulty. In this article, we want to introduce you to the best websites that you can visit to read reviews of various beauty products.


Check out the reviews of each and every brand and their products before purchase and make the best choice. Reviews are useful for gaining some more insight into various products, because there are a lot of brands that produce similar products around the globe. Some reviews might be positive and others might be negative, but overall, it is important to know what kind of product you are dealing with from each brand. health and beauty are our main concerns. Click here for more reviews

Total Beauty

It is really easy to navigate here, and it has the best unbiased reviews on beauty products. It allows you search for a particular product to get the site reviews and customer feedbacks. There is a huge list of products reviewed in this way. Total Beauty provides high quality and recently updated articles on beauty and healthcare that you can use to have a better understanding of beauty products.


The beauty bloggers of Allure provide up to date beauty advice along with product reviews. Their writing style is engaging and you can easily get to the truth of the product you are evaluation. You can spend your time here to read the reviews posted by different users about the product to choose the best product that suits your needs.

The Dermatology Review

As the name shows, the Dermatology Review is dedicated to reviews of dermatological products. While focusing specifically on skin care products, it is one of the best sites available for reading professional product reviews. The reviews they provide are all scientifically-supported.

They have a practical method for addressing many of the claims of beauty product sellers. Based on the reviews available on the website, you can easily distinguish between effective products and the products reviewed for marketing purposes.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep comes with a mobile application and allows you access to more than 70,000 reviews. The website is also available for non-mobile users. The reviews you can find on Skin Deep are professional and can help your choice of the best product. The best thing about Skin Deep is that they have categorized products, which facilitates your access to various products for comparison.

Red Online

This website has a lot of topic-based articles that are related to beauty trends and new fashion ideas. A large part of Red Online is dedicated to reviews of beauty products.

Paula’s Choice

If you are looking for a very large database of health and beauty product reviews, Paula’s Choice is the best with more than 45,000 expert reviews. They also provide a list of the best products in different categories to help you with your evaluations.

Makeup Alley

The structure of this site is slightly different than other review websites. It allows people to search reviews according to their skin, color, hair, and eye type. The effect of one moisturizing bronzer on someone with dry, fair skin will be very different compared to a person with oily skin. These specific reviews are found nowhere except Makeup Alley. It can direct you to reviews that are related to your situation and can help you find the best product for your needs.

Good Housekeeping

This is a great site for everything around the home, and it also has a beauty section. It also provides test results to back up the reviews.

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Temptalia is an amazing website for not only product reviews. It also enables the users to compare products.


There are lots of review available for products at Dermstore and they take a very scientific approach to review the products. You can search different products, or browse the brands and categories available on the website to find the review you are looking for.


Amazon is one of the best websites for getting Pax 3 review about different types of products including health and beauty. It comes with detailed reviews which can help in your decision to choose the best product.

There are various other websites that are great to get the best reviews of your everyday beauty products besides the ones we mentioned above. Check them out to make sure that you are getting the best based on your needs.