Best Hybrid Bikes for Summer 2021

No matter where you love to do your biking, hybrid bikes represent a great choice for roaming the outdoors. These bikes handle everything from bike paths to urban streets to even a bit of off-road riding. When looking for the best hybrid bikes 2021 here are some important things to consider:

  • Look for a model that has the features that fit your riding style
  • Consider technical specifications for derailleurs and other components
  • Pay close attention to make sure the frame fits your body size
  • Decide if you want a hybrid bike equipped with an electric motor
  • Get the color and speed options you love

Shop online for the best bikes at the most affordable prices. Consider models such as the BodyEase, ExploreyourRange, Paven’Trail, ReachyourDestination and EVRYjourney. These quality bikes combine comfort and performance features that allow you to get out and explore the area in and around your community.

Some Top Picks for Seniors

Just because you have been around the block a few times, doesn’t mean your biking days are over. With the right bike you can go just as fast and as far as when you were in your physical prime. For many adult riders this means going electric. With an electric bicycle Los Angeles style, you can still get up and down the hills of this exciting city. No matter where you call home, these features in electric bikes make sense for mature riders:

  • A lower step-through frame for easy on and off
  • A forward pedal design for ample leg extension
  • A motor in the range of 250 or 500 watts
  • A full-throttle mode that allows the motor to do the work

When considering specific models, both the EVRYjourney and the Aroundthe Block are great choices for seniors and those looking for safe and enjoyable riding. Both these models have an ergonomic frame design that allows you to cruise in an upright position, taking the stress off your body. With the right electric bike, you can extend your riding years and the distances travelled with the help of a quiet motor.

More Helpful Advice

When looking for the best bike for 2021, consider the places you hope to ride. Perhaps there is a bike path near you that you always wanted to complete from start to finish. Maybe you enjoy exploring the quiet side streets of your neighborhood. Perhaps you want to start your day by riding along an ocean trail as the sun is climbing the sky. Or maybe you are looking for a womens touring bike to embark on an adventure.

To maximize your enjoyment this year, you have more choices than ever. One of the most basic choices is deciding whether you want an electric bike or a tradition model. From there you can decide if a hybrid or a beach cruiser is more your style. Then it’s time to look at colors and how many speeds you want. It all comes down to finding the right mix of features to match your riding preferences. Now is the time to shop for a great new bicycle.