5 Unique Gift Ideas For Homebodies

Gift shopping is probably one of the most strenuous things you can do. It’s also something you can’t avoid due to the volume of special days and events there are every year. But it’s gratifying once they receive and adore the gift.

But that’s the challenge, making sure that you pick the right gift that they will love and appreciate. In reality, some people will be polite and react positively to whatever gift they receive. However, there are times when you can tell that they aren’t exactly thrilled with a gift card or a basic shirt you got them.

You see, gift-giving is all about showing how well you know the other person. For example, when you receive an item from a brand you like, it feels fantastic. This is because you love that brand, and it lets you know that the person who gifted it to you pays attention to your interests and tastes. It’s the same when you give other people gifts, so you’ll have to put in the effort.

Homebodies might be challenging to find gifts for because there are limitations to what items they like. Plus, you probably don’t see them often because they enjoy spending time in the comfort of their home. But coming from a homebody, you’ll be surprised to know how easy it is! To let you in on the secret, here are some sure-fire gift choices that any homebody will love.  

  • Anything Customized 

Customized gifts are always a big hit because it transforms any regular item into something special. Most of the time, people think that customized gifts just mean having their name printed on a shirt or a tote bag. These days, you have more freedom with how and what you customize. You can bedazzle a whole coffee maker or even get sneakers painted. Customization shouldn’t be bland, so try to think about what homebodies would love to have. For instance, custom photo blankets would be perfect for most homebodies since time in bed is always an excellent way to spend the day.  

  • Home Tech 

This is probably a bit of a splurge, but it’s convenient during these times. Home tech such as speakers, smart lights, wireless chargers, and other devices are great upgrades to any home. It can also make the homebody in your life more comfortable no matter how long they choose to stay indoors. Smart homes are trendy, and if your homebody friend loves tech-related things, this is the best gift choice for them.  

  • Online Courses 

The person you’re shopping for spends a lot of time at home, but they still need something new to keep things exciting. But you should never force them to leave their home just because you think they should do it. Instead, think of other ways you can bring activities to their home. One genius way is to get them an online course that they can do at home. It would be best if it’s already something that they enjoy. And the great part is that there are so many courses to choose from. Sewing, drawing, digital art, music, cooking, and even more physical activities like yoga are available for anyone who are always willing to learn! 

  • Books or Audiobooks 

Next are books and audiobooks, which are probably a good gift to get for anyone who loves to read regardless of whether they’re a homebody or not. Most homebodies are pretty introverted, and reading is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for them. Books are great if they already have a library going in their home. But if they’re the type to listen to podcasts, audiobooks are fantastic because they’re so affordable. You can get them a library of audiobooks without breaking the bank.  

  • Plants 

Since homebodies spend so much time indoors, they probably don’t get exposed to nature all that much. A great way to add color and life to their home is to get them houseplants. It’s good to remember that not everyone has a green thumb, so getting them hard to kill houseplants is the ideal way to go about it. In essence, a homebody is like a houseplant because they survive indoors and need very little to get by!


Buying gifts isn’t hard for homebodies because all you have to do is to think about how you would like to keep yourself busy while you’re at home. You can also think about how you want to upgrade, beautify, or make your home more comfortable. To be fair, homebodies can be hard to get to know better, especially if you don’t see them regularly or if it’s radio-silence from them on social media. But paying attention to their home when you visit them is a great way to find out more about their tastes and how they spend their time.