Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur: A Guide

Deciding to venture into entrepreneurship is one that many find scary. It’s for this reason why people often prefer the security of formal employment. However, if you’re the creative type who needs the freedom to work on your own terms, you may find a regular 9-5 job restricting. You may decide to become self-employed or venture into the creative side of entrepreneurship. If you have and need some tips on how to successfully transition or find success in your space, continue reading. Our guide to becoming a creative entrepreneur will follow.

Brand yourself
If you want to do well as a creative entrepreneur, you’ve got to invest in branding yourself. As you’re in charge of marketing yourself and bringing in clients, you need to look the part. You’ll be competing for business, so the way you’re perceived is important, especially as a one-person band. When creating a personal brand, think about who you want to be first and foremost. You can then go on to building your online presence through social media, a blog, and a website.

Get insurance
One of the scary things about becoming an entrepreneur is the lack of security. You don’t typically get the same primary benefits that people in formal employment do. You’ve got to create a level of security for yourself, and a great way to do this is by getting insurance.

In case you’re wondering what policies are best for self-employed professionals, you should focus on ones that protect you from the risks associated with operating alone and one that covers you defending a claim. Hiscox provides expert coverage for sole traders which includes office insurance for your business premises, the contents within it, and any loss of income caused by damage to your workplace.

When you’re making money on your own, you’ve got to remember to plan for the future in the process. This means keeping things such as planning for retirement in mind. Look for a pension plan that you can contribute to every month so that you know your future is secure. In terms of the best plans for self-employed professionals, you could try an ordinary personal pension which is offered by most large providers. Other alternatives are stakeholder pensions and self-invested private pensions.

Master your craft
Seeing as you have the time to focus on areas that you’re good at, it’s crucial that you master your craft. Get good at whatever it is that you do whether it be art, writing, or creating. To do so, you’re going to need to find the right mentors, allow yourself to feel the pain of the difficulty or learning curves and focus. You’re going to find that you gradually get better at what you do and you’ll finally find yourself at the expert level. Whatever the case, remember consistency is important as well.

Becoming a creative entrepreneur is a brave step to take. You may not always get the support you want, but be confident in your decision and know that you’ll get better with time. Just as Rome isn’t built overnight, neither is a successful career as an entrepreneur.

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