Beautiful Cakes with Natural Looking Flowers

Roses, gardenia, pansies, violets, dandelions and many more… Decorating a cake with an arrangement of flowers is always a good idea and perfect for all types of occasions including weddings, birthday parties, Easter, Spring, etc. Pastry chefs are passionate about creating impressive cake designs in full blossom. Based in Berlin, Germany, BlumenCake has one of the most talented teams that make the best examples for cakes with natural looking flowers. They apply special techniques and design real masterpieces using buttercream as well as beanpaste. Their cakes are in different colors, forms, and sizes, and all have beautiful floral toppings. BlumenCake does not only delight the eye but tastes absolutely delicious as well. They also arrange courses for the ones who are interested in designing cakes. They teach both the basics and more advanced techniques, providing detailed instructions for natural looking flowers and training various other cake decorating skills. They provide classes not only in Germany but also in Europe and all over the world. If you live in Berlin, you can order their artful cakes for any of your events. We compiled some of their best designs for your eyes only. Words can not describe the beauty of these marvelous cakes! Wow! Check them out and pick the best blooming flower cake for youself!