Guys are Decorating Their Beards with Shiny Lights for Christmas

Since the dawn of men, beards were a symbol of masculinity and strength, but nowadays having a beard is a highly popular trend among modern men. Guys do a lot of crazy stuff with their beards all the time, but since the holidays are just around the corner, some bearded gentlemen decided to decorate their facial hair with shiny ornaments and make their beards look like Christmas trees. For those of you who live in London, there will be a pop-up grooming stall at East Village E20’s Christmas Market on December 11 and there you will be able to decorate your beard with these fancy lights. Go on and lit up your majestic beards, gentlemen!

Truly majestic!

Bring your Christmas spirit with you anywhere you go.


Exceptional beard!

This is going to be a huge hit this Christmas!

Ladies will lose their minds!

via (mymodernmet)