One of a Kind Coolest Tattoo Designs by Bay Ink Tattoo Studio

Bay Ink Tattoo Studio is a team of professional and passionate tattoo artists who are passionate about delivering prideful works of art for all the ideas walking through their doors. All of their tattoo artists, let us mention their names; Fabio Fontinelle, Mervin, Nacho, Steven, Hoss, Lee Belardo, Noah, Shanti, Alexa, Carey Gregor, Don Boos, are the best at what they do, with years of experience under their belts. Each of them is specialized in inking different patterns and they do amazing pieces of body art. “As our client base has grown, so has our business. Our Tattoo Shop is located in San Diego, California. We provide you with superior work in a clean and sanitary environment. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful. We treat everyone like family! Whether this is your 1st or 50th tattoo, you can trust us to bring your imagination to reality. You think and we ink it.” They state on their website. From mandala to floral, portraits to animals, they do one of a kind coolest tattoo designs inked flawlessly on the skin. Whether you are looking for ideas for your next tattoo, or thinking about getting your first one, this team will surely inspire you with their impressive work. Here you can see our favourite ones.