Baby the Cat and Charles the Dragon are the Cutest Best Friends You’ll Ever See

We are all fans of unlikely friendship stories, right? Well, we have something special for you now. Meet Baby the cat and a female bearded dragon called Charles. Even though the cat is, without any doubt, much stronger and bigger than the beautiful reptile, he would never hurt Charles. In fact, Baby and Charles are such good friends that they spend most of their time cuddling. The little dragon appears to be somewhat braver than the big cat since Charles is the one comforting the cat when there’s a thunderstorm. All in all, this precious duo is simply adorable. If you want to see more of their photos, you can visit their Instagram account.

They are guarding the place together.


Charles loves Baby’s soft fur.


They even hug while sleeping.


They love to play together.


This is just too adorable.


Time for a lovely feast.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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