These Photographs are Telling the Most Adorable Story About a Little Boy and His Friend Beaker the Duck

Every one of us has in some point had a favorite pet that would follow him around and keep him company. The case is no different with this little boy from Texas named Tyler. While most of us had dogs or cats, this little boy has a very special pet – a duck named “Beaker”. First of all,  it must be said that the name for the duck is just perfect. Beaker was adopted by Tyler’s father when he was just a duckling. The father brought little fella home to his lovely, 9-month-old son and the baby and duckling instantly bonded. Now, Beaker is a big and beautiful duck, but he’s still following his little human everywhere. Watching over him, keeping him company and playing with him.  These two adorable rascals are doing everything together. They even go to walks through the park together. If you liked this cute story, you can see some of the images here below, and if you can’t get enough of these two cuties, you can visit this Facebook page for more photos.

Beaker is jealous about the yellow duck.


“Hey Beaker, don’t steal my candies.”


Little rascals.


Learning time.


When they were both babies.


“No one will find us here!”


“Anything you can do, I can do better!”


Beaker doesn’t approve this.


Two little farmers.


Always together.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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