23 Mystique and Seductive Raven Tattoo Designs

Having been living with us for thousands of years, raven has always been an interesting bird representing many different good and bad meanings both in all cultures, religions and as well as mythology. Often confused with crows, this large and dark bird symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, mysery, pain, secrets and has many other meanings. There are also some legendary stories related to raven, which shouldn’t be ignored if you consider having it inked as a tattoo design. Getting such body modification always needs a motivation and this dark and mistique birds offers as many designs as its symbolic meanings. When applied by a talented hand, raven makes a legendary permanent art on your body. It is mostly inked in black or gray but there are also some colourful examples especially preferred by female tattoo lovers. No matter what your choice is, you will be noticable with this captivating tattoo design. Have a look at some of the examples and let us know about your final decision.

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