Australia Rises from the Ashes as Green Life Slowly Emerges in the Bushfire Aftermath

As if you needed a reminder of catastrophic damage bushfires have done, still there is no better way to understand the severeness of hell on Australia’s soil than by looking at the photos from Nick Moir’s “Burned”. Today we’re not talking about the worst times, we’re are talking about new hope. Australia’s ecosystem seems to be prepared for going to hell and back. In 2011 the same things happened after bushfires. Vegetation covered the scorched Earth, and Pyrophyte plants emerged blooming. Evolved to shield their buds from fire, even taking advantage of the nutrients in ash. Unfortunately not all flora will bounce back that quickly, meaning many wildlife with destroyed habitat will be left without their specific food. The damage has not been only caused by bushfires, but the drought and floods that followed. Southern states of Victoria and New South Wales are still under the blazing fires. It’s feared that each new summer will bring longer fire seasons. Many animals are on the verge of extinction, and with over 30% of koala’s already dead. Organizations are working hard on rebuilding what has been destroyed, with global help through international shipment of blankets and financial donations. Storages have been full from many unnecessary shipments, therefore people are asked to stick to financial donations which help more since organizations know exactly what they need to get. Help, whoever can, please help.

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The New Hope

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Pyrophyte plants evolved to survive the bushfires

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The damage has not been only caused by bushfires, but the drought and floods that followed

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Destroyed habitat means destroyed food for wildlife

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Many animals are on the verge of extinction and the survivors will still fall due to lack of their specific food in Nature

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More than 30% of Koalas are already dead

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Bushfires still rage on in the southern states of Victoria and New South Wales

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Sending blankets through international shipping is not the way to go anymore

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Storages of helping organizations are full already, now they need financial donations so they could get exactly what they need. Please help by donating if you can.

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