Astronaut Tattoos – There’s No Limit for These Great Designs

“Kid, what you wanna be when you grow up?”

Painting the universe in watercolor is always a magical and brilliant option, but inking it in black & grey is a unique skill when done impressively. Both work great and send meaningful messages equally. Astronaut tattoos are worn by people with various interests. One for example and my personal favorite reason is a metaphorical meaning of exploration of space and childhood dreams. Being the tiniest little peeps that we are in the middle of this vast cosmos, we are eager to look beyond the stars, reach for them and push even further. We dream of greatness yet only a few are wilful and determined to persevere until the dreams become reality. Of course, astronauts themselves have quite a good reason to get an astronaut tattoo too. Great lovers of science fiction relate with the planets, stars, galaxies reminding them of their favorite stories. “Aiming for the stars” is the simple explanation for astronaut tattoos, though Americans also see astronauts as symbols of freedom as well, as they’ve gained great recognition for their accomplishments in space during the 20th century.

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Astronaut tattoos are great for both men and women

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These designs can make you think of your childhood dreams, “aiming for the stars” goals and much more

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Lovers of sience fiction often decide to have an awesome astronaut tattoo

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Inking the universe and stars in black and grey is a skillful endeavor

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