Artist Turns Herself into Adorable Cartoon Characters – by Cyarine

Master artisan of digital illustrations, Laura Brouwers, aka Cyarine has transformed herself and other people to cartoony-verse flawlessly. Her skills are beyond compare and her 1.5 million followers on Instagram are well deserved. With her vast art collection of various styles and techniques, today we’re focusing on her magic of cartoonification. Adorable whimsical characters in vibrant vivid colors pleasing to the eye by Cyarine will always put a smile on your face. She’s a master with a pencil in her hand as well which can be seen often on her Instagram. She’s also a successful YouTuber who teaches her fans certain techniques through tutorials and examples of her own digital art. We’ve also covered the work of Lance Phan which you should check out if you already like the work of Cyarine.

This is the artist Laura Brouwers, aka Cyarine

She has Instagram, Twitch and YouTube channel

You can watch her tutorials and learn how to create digital art

The face is amazingly accurate

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