Artist Marc Poulier Creates Stunning Architectural Drawings

Although Marc Poulier prefers not to call himself as an artist, we present him as such after having seen his “Leaning Tower Of Pisa” made on paper cups and every impressive artpiece he showcased on his Instagram feed. He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and works as an art director. Along with his wife Lisa, the couple has created one-of-a-kind home goods under the brand Poulier + Poulier designs. “Our design philosophy is simple; to create timeless graphic pieces with wit and charm.” the couple states on their website. Drawing is Marc’s passion that he can only have time during his trip to work and back on the tram. He mainly draws historical buildings that date back to 15th Century and other urban sketches. After each drawing, he uploads the photo of his artpiece on Instagram, preferably at bedtime to see the reactions as soon as he wakes up- due to the time difference. In one of his interviews, he says “I am pretty self motivated. I have always enjoyed art and deep down knew it was a strength to play to. To see something made that you’re proud of is enough to spur you on. Drawing on my way to work and posting it on Instagram is fulfilling. The recognition has been so surprising. I don’t call myself an artist, I just like to draw.” Never wait a minute to feast your artistic side with his one-of-a-kind ink pen drawings.

“I am always exploring what other mediums and ways to draw architecture.”

“With all the dark arches to fill in I’m needing more and more new pens to complete it, not to mention more time.”

His next project is a paper-cup version of Rome’s famous Colosseum with a multiple cup illustration.

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