Artful And Creative Makeup Designs by Catalina Hotin

We came across the amazing work of Romanian make up artist Catalina Hotin on Instagram and wanted to share her inspirational art with you. She has been into makeup since she was very little and has been trying different styles using various makeup stuff using her own face as canvas for her art. In our online interview with her, she shared her story with us, and we will share it with you mostly in her own words. First of all, we wondered about how she took up makeup art and she answered us as follows; “Thank you for calling it art! I loved makeup ever since I was little but I didn’t start experimenting with different colors and shapes until I started posting on Instagram. I challenged myself to post everyday and come up with different looks, with makeup ideas I wouldn’t normally wear. It blossomed into something bigger, now I can’t go back to doing my makeup like I used to do couple of years ago.” We also wanted to know her inspiration for creating such makeup examples and she replied us as this; “I am inspired my color combinations, different artists here on Instagram (that do makeup, tattoos, sketches, paintings). I think inspiration can come from so many different places, I can even be inspired by music. I sometimes pick up on things – for example I see a painting with a lot of red and later that week I instinctively want to wear a red lip.” It is hard to describe such an extraordinary art which is painted on artist’s on face, so we asked Catalina to explain us her artwork and she told us; “I would describe my art as a mix of graphic liner, paint and vibrant colors. I like to do a bit of everything, sometimes I work only with eyeshadow, other times only with facepaints, I think it’s great to alternate your mediums. You can fall in love with a new makeup technique at any time!”. We are thankful to her for this sincere interview and would like to present you some of her most interesting makeup designs. Just scroll down and feast your creative side.