Extraordinarily Designed Korean Dishes by Daniel Garwood

Innovative Australian chef hailing from Launceston, Tasmania, Daniel Garwood is currently based in Seoul, Korea and works as the head chef at Michelin starred Restaurant, Evett. He began his career working in some of the best restaurants in Tasmania which was an incredible beginning and a guiding path for what was to come. Until today, he has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world featuring countries such as Sweden, Italy, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Australia, and South Korea. He continues from what he learned back home, exploring the Korean landscape looking for new ingredients and inspirations. He creates a menu focusing on the natural beauty of Korean produce showcasing their full potential. “I started off at restaurant Evett as Head of Research and development. We traveled all over South Korea looking for new products and ingredients, studying the history of their fermentation and preservation as well. A few months passed by and I was promoted to head chef, heavily working on and creating dishes for our menu. I feel we have created something special here and will continue to do so.” he states in his blog. He has created many extraordinary dishes until now, inspired by the beautiful nature of Korea. “Beer cracker, fermented mushroom acidulated cream” that you can see in the first photo is a creation which took months to develop and one of the best dishes that he is proud of. He has extremely impressive food designs in his feed and we selected some of them to showcase you today.

Beer cracker fermented mushroom acidulated cream.

Damper bread finished with grilled mussels, pickles and ferments.

Kombucha tart pig head cracker.

Korean alcohol parfait glazed in tangerine from jeju.

Korean curry.

Prawns grilled in red sorrel leaves.

Shiitake and caramelized white chocolate parfait glazed with black ginseng kombucha.

Raw halibut marinated in sancho and kiwi.

Apple and dangui.

Roasted durup and noongaesyngma encased in mountain garlic.

Black snails summer pumpkin and bee larvae aged 7 and 21.

Mussel salep dondurma Turkish stretch ice cream.

Korean black chicken wing with sancho leaves.

Duck aged in bee pollen garum chewy persimmon