Are Your Windows Leaking? All You Need to Know About Leaking Windows

For many, summer showers can be a welcome break from the often hot Canadian summers.  A larger thunderstorm can be an exciting and dramatic production which leaves the air smelling clean and fresh after the fact, bringing new life to the soil. But for homes with older or improperly installed windows, the first dark clouds rolling in on the horizon may instead instil a sense of dread and panic. Leaving you to wonder, “will my windows hold up to the oncoming storm?”

Windows are one of the most common problem areas when it comes to leaks in the home, and one of the most frustrating! Leaky windows may be caused by several factors. Some may only require an easy and quick fix while others might need to be replaced entirely. It all depends on what’s causing the leaking and the severity of the situation.

Luckily for us, the team at Window Mart has put together this guide to help you discover the top causes of leaking windows, how to fix them and why vinyl windows may be one of the best options if you have to replace any windows in your home.

What Causes Windows to Leak?

There are three major factors that often contribute to leaking windows.

  • Improper installation: properly installing windows is a delicate process and, unfortunately, not all companies complete the work to the highest standards. Incorrect window flashing or breaks in flashing can allow unwanted elements in. Other installation problems might involve windows being sized incorrectly or the use of non-corrosion-resistant nails during installation.


  • Maintenance: Slacking on window maintenance is another big risk factor for leaking windows. Window maintenance is easy to overlook until it’s too late, leaving you with damaged caulking or broken mechanics. These problems are especially common in older houses or areas with harsh environmental conditions that may cause the caulk to dry out and crack prematurely.


  • Design flaws: Sometimes even new and well-installed windows may be prone to leaks due to a flaw in the design of the windows. These design flaws may include inward facing fascias which can channel water into the window or a lack of overhang to keep the rainwater from hitting the tops of the windows during particularly aggressive storms.


How to Fix Leaking Windows

Fixing window leaks on your own can sometimes be done, but often requires quite a bit of trial and error. Because of this, if you have a particularly bad leak it may be best to save yourself the headache and enlist the help of a professional window service. However, for those of you who insist on attempting to DIY a solution, here are a few easy tasks you can try on your own before hiring a professional or replacing your windows entirely. These measures can also be used to maintain non-leaking windows before they become a problem.

  1. Remove and replace damaged, dried, or cracked caulking.
  2. Check the gasket between the glass and the window frame and re-seal using clear silicone if necessary.
  3. Clean any dirt and debris from weep holes in the window frame.
  4. Check that your exterior window sills slope downward at an angle so water isn’t able to pool.


Repair vs. Replacement

If the above measures don’t stop the leak, chances are you’re looking at a bigger problem. This will likely require either professional repair or full window replacement. It’s important to not put off fixing the problem, however, as a continuous leak could eventually cause expensive damage to other parts of your home. If you’re uncertain of whether or not it is time to replace your windows, check out HGTV’s guide here.

Sometimes bigger repair jobs may cost more or the same amount as new windows. So you may just decide to use this as an opportunity to give your home a facelift. When selecting new windows, consider vinyl windows as they are not only extremely low maintenance but also incredibly energy efficient.


Window Replacement and Installation Services in Canada

If you’ve decided it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new, Window Mart in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan has the biggest selection of beautiful, custom vinyl windows on the market. Our team of highly trained professionals can help guide you through the window buying process and provide expert installation services to assure your windows stay beautiful and leak free for years to come! Call us today for a free quote!


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