Apartment In Odessa by S&T Architects

This apartment in Odessa, designed by S&T Architects is a lovely living space created especially for one big family with grown up children, who have a more modern spirit, though parents are bit more conservative. That is the main reason why these interiors of two bedrooms and bathrooms for teenagers and the rest of the house were done simultaneously in two related styles. To match the age of the children in bedrooms shades of  beige and calm gray were used to avoid the childlike colorful walls and objects. Minimal design, cool details such as huge lamps, bookcases and modern chairs are the essentials in the making of atmosphere which suits the youth. Bathrooms are simple, bright and spacious. Make sure to check out this awesome project, you will surely like it!

Calm colors and lovely details.


Good job on arranging the interior and the details.


Comfy and creative.



Books always add up to the warmness and beauty of the room.



Cute corner for hanging out and relaxation.


Modern and unique chairs to complete the vibe of this apartment.


Unique bookcase, cool photo and modern coffee table.


Spacious and bright bathroom.


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