Stunning 17-year-old Girl from Texas is Not Letting Cancer Crush Her Spirit

Getting diagnosed with cancer is something that would completely crush 99% of people in the world, but that’s not the case with a strong 17-year-old girl from Texas, Andrea Sierra Salazar. This beautiful and brave teenager lost her hair when she started chemotherapy as a part of her treatment for stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma she was recently diagnosed. After losing her hair, Andrea started to feel self-conscious about her look, so her mom decided to hire a professional photographer who managed to capture Andrea’s distinguished and elegant beauty during one successful and wonderful photo session. This helped Andrea to overcome her insecurities and accept and love herself regardless of her physical appearance. A truly inspiring story.

A really wonderful setting for a photo shoot.


Her smile is truly beautiful.


Like a scene from a movie.


Confidence is key.


Gorgeous eyes.


Andrea had a really great time during the photo shoot.


She looks like a fairy tale princess.


Just keep smiling, Andrea. We wish you a quick recovery!

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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