Amazing Sculptures Rise All over Japan After Heavy Snowfall

From the excessive amount of snow, all around Japan creative snow sculptures have risen to evoke awe and bring joy to the people. Huge waves of snow have stormed down the country binding its citizens through art with the love towards their favorite animated heroes. Loving characters such as Totoro from ‘My Neighbor Totoro,’ Snoopy, Baymax from ‘Big Hero 6,’ minions, Godzilla, No-Face from ‘Spirited Away,’ and characters from ‘Pokémon’ and other Studio Ghibli movies are ornamenting the streets causing a viral interest. Fascinating enough, this sensation has basically come one month early and it will happen again but only on the northern island of Hokkaido where every February the annual Sapporo Snow Festival is held and thousands of spectators come and get to choose their favorites out of thousands of snow sculptures.

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