Animal Whisperer from Australia Takes Incredibly Successful Selfies with Animals

Going to the Zoo or just hanging out with animals is always a lot of fun, but one guy takes it to a whole other level. Allan Dixon takes incredible and funny selfies with all kinds of animals.On these photographs, he and the animals are so synchronized that it almost looks like he can communicate with these adorable creatures. That’s why  he calls himself an “animal whisperer”. Allan is from Australia, and he just loves to travel around and take photos of all sorts of animals. His selfies are very impressive considering that taking a photo with an animal can be very unpredictable. But somehow, these animals are very calm around him. Since a lot of people want to try this, Dixon has some advice for the starters. He says you have to enter the Zoo or any kind of surroundings with your camera already in your hand. That way, animals will think that that is a part of your body and they will not be afraid of it. Also, you need to turn off your flash and all the sounds, and the most important thing, shoot a lot of photos, one is bound to be good. Dixon also emphasizes that animals need to feel safe around you. “Once you’re in their presence for some time, they’ll usually come and check you out”, says Allan. Enjoy these amazing selfies below and for more of Allan’s fantastic work, visit his Instagram page.

Fabulous kangaroo!


Hello, mate!


The Birdman.


He got more than just a selfie.


“Make a silly face!”


A sing-along.


Cutest and happiest animal in the world.


Wow, those are some stong teeth.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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