Add a Touch of Fun and Pro to Your DIY Photo Shoot at Home

One of the biggest misconceptions about photography is that you need perfect and picturesque locations to take professional-looking photographs. Fortunately, you don’t need a studio to shoot stunning and Instagram-worthy photos.

There are plenty of ways to capture pretty snapshots without leaving your house. From backdrops and photo techniques to modeling and achieving mega-watt smiles using led whitening kit, here are fun at-home photo shoot ideas to hone your photography skills and add some fun into your feed.


Check Stock of Your “Studio”

Before you start taking quality photos, learn what you have to work with. Take a walk through your home at different times of the day and see where you can get the best natural light. Take note of interesting artwork or blank walls that you can use as simple backgrounds. Search for framing, too.

Apart from finding the best light, look for a large and spacious area where you can set up your backdrop, as well as a few off-camera flashes for dramatic and creative portraits.

Your yard inspires photo shoot ideas. Consider what you have to work with within your backyard, on your front porch or other areas outside of your home. Even your garage can be a great location to shoot photos.

What are Your Backdrop Options?

Your home is rich in photo shoot backgrounds. If you’re feeling more creative, you can create your own backdrop. Consider the following ideas:

  • Your backyard. Forget about walking to the park or waiting for your next tropical adventure. Use your backyard’s greenery instead. Whether you stand in front of your best plants or lay in an actual bed of roses, your plant-filled paradise can be a refreshing backdrop that shows off your plant parenting skills.
  • Fun wallpaper. If your home décor is the highlight of your home, pose in front of your favorite wallpaper and let it be your statement backdrop. No need to master Photoshop; take photos in front of your whimsical wall instead.
  • Print clippings. Remember the good old days of your teen years when you used to cover your walls with posters of your favorite movies or celebrity crushes? You can do the same thing or amp it up with nostalgic newspaper or magazine clippings. Cover any blank wall with clippings so that your backdrop is not just screaming nostalgia; stories, too.
  • Bed sheets. If you’re looking for the easiest DIY backdrop ever? You have endless options so grab a sheet (preferably gray, white or black) for an easy photography studio. Pin or tape the sheet to a wall, hang it over some furniture or lay it on the ground.

Think About the Lighting

In photography, the Golden Hour is the Golden Rule in terms of lighting. The “Golden Hour” is a photography term that refers to capturing a photo shortly before or after sunset. This popular lighting practice focuses on timing and removing shadows. The magical Golden Hour often lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, so get your camera and start capturing the moment.

Shadow play is another interesting lighting choice. Impress your friends and social media followers by controlling the shadows (without using phone apps or lighting equipment). In photography, the term ‘shadow play’ means capturing images without shadows. To create an abstract look, you need an empty toilet paper roll, your phone and some tape. Tape the roll over your phone’s back camera for a DIY microlens.

If you’re feeling more creative, try snow globe lighting. You don’t need advanced lighting to play with patterns in your photos. All you need is a knitted blanket. Use the blanket, duck under the covers and watch the sun pierce through the holes for an added lighting effect.

Experiment with Looks

While natural makeup looks and natural lighting make for a good DIY photo at home, don’t hold back with your creativity.

Start simple yet fun with outrageous makeup. Take a risk and have fun with your makeup box. Experiment with a bold lip, bright lids or bomb highlight – the perfect makeup look for close-up portraits.

Make some pop culture references, too. Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of events were canceled but that didn’t stop people from recreating iconic Met Gala looks. You can do the same or do more. Replicate your favorite pop culture moments! It could be a meme, an album cover or a favorite Beyonce look. Unleash your inner Avenger by taking a photo with a Captain America shield.

With tons of creativity and patience, enjoy a professional photo shoot at home with your family, friends or by yourself.;