8 Style Trends In Australia 2021

With almost everyone confined to their houses and working from home these days, being in style is out of the question. Wearing your sleepwear even during the day when you’re talking to your colleagues during a web conference is the ‘in’ thing.

However, as the world tries to normalize and re-emerges from a slight slump, fashion is slowly taking the centerstage on the streets  and, basically, everywhere. Now that some restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to revisit your wardrobe and assemble a look to reflect your mood. Otherwise, put together fashion pieces that are expected to become a hit on the streets or on the runway in Australia and elsewhere in 2021.

1.   Leather Everything
If you’ve favored wearing rocker pieces for years, rejoice!  Leather pieces are expected to have a major return in 2021. While some have made leather jackets a staple in their cabinets, this year will see leather being used in every imaginable fashion item—from crop tops, to blouses, to dresses, to skirts.

Don’t forget to upgrade your style with a new pair of boots. For instance, shop in stores with one of the largest ranges of knee high boots in Australia, and you’ll surely find a pair that would wow everyone.

2. Androgynous Fashion
You may not have thought about it, but women wearing manly outfits and men wearing clothes with feminine touch can certainly look sexy. Genderless fashion will become more mainstream in Australia in 2021, so start raiding your partner’s cabinets for pieces that are comfy and oversized. Additionally, ask your boyfriend to upgrade wardrobe by buying military-style boots, pullovers, and sneakers so you can snatch them when he’s not looking.

3. Puffed Sleeves
They first appeared in 2020 and they’re still set to dominate the women’s fashion scene in 2021. Oversized sleeves can be incorporated in just about every piece—in blouses, dresses, knitwear, and sleepwear. Puffy sleeves provide a sleek look, and they can help make or break a dress.

Puffed sleeves are believed to have originated during the Renaissance era, in the early 14th  to 17th centuries, and has since been resurfacing every now and then. It’s no wonder why wearing one makes you feel like buying vintage –inspired lovely bone inlay furniture pieces  to keep your valuables.

4.   Bold Patterns
Weird fashion is expected to dominate the year, seemingly reflecting the crazy time everyone had following the COVID-19 pandemic in the most part of 2020. Out-of-this-world designs with bold patterns, and ultra-colorful dresses with non-traditional fabrics can be integrated in your wardrobe staples, such as a scarf.

5. Athleisure Wear
By incorporating a few changes, like corporate-friendly designs and using fabrics like velour, your yoga wear and track suits can now be worn in the office and even at home. This year, athletic wear may see some interesting changes to the fabric and cut. Multi-straps, asymmetrical cuts, and uniquely-placed cutouts can make multi-purpose athletic wear your go-to dress for any occasion.

6.   Wide-Legged And High Waisted Pants
Always fascinated with and can’t get enough of retro fashion?  Great news!  Denims with loose fit and wide-legged pants will take centerstage in 2021 for women. For men, fashionistas foresee the return of high waisted pants, reminiscent of the cut from decades past.

7.   Oversized Dresses
Forget about wearing tight fitting clothes and tops. Larger-than-life clothing will reign supreme in this year’s fashion sector. The world will be obsessed with everything big in 2021, from shirts, jackets, and sweaters, to trousers and denims.

The search for comfortable clothes will seep from people’s living rooms to the streets and catwalk, with oversized shirts, massive jackets, and sweatshirts replacing form-hugging garments. However, baggy doesn’t mean shapeless. The key is to balance everything, for instance, topping of your look with a chunky necklace.

8. Earth Tones
Warm and comfortable may as well be the general theme for the fashion industry for 2021. Aside from loose and comfortable wear, warm earth tones, such as reds, mustards, and browns, are the chosen hues for this year. These shades are expected to replace the colors that have dominated the fashion scene for years, such as black and gray.


Style is fleeting, but fashion is forever. Most fashion pieces can be used repeatedly no matter the season, and you should always go for versatile clothes that you can mix and match. More importantly, being comfortable is a fashion statement, too.