Daily Lifestyle of India’s People and Fascinating Architectural Environments

Highly enthusiastic travel photographer, Anastasiya Dubrovina from Moscow, Russia has started off her career with the photography series of India. She never travels anywhere without her camera and her vast portfolio can be admired on Depositphotos. Through her work, she tries to capture the lifestyle of a certain region portraying its people, streets, and yet both rural and urban places. When she’s not traveling Anastasiya works in a contemporary art gallery, creating art projects about childhood and memories. Dubrovina has a special focus on colors using them to lead the atmosphere of her compositions. Over a decade ago she started learning the craft and to this day she’s evolving towards perfection. Speaking about her own perception of India, Dubrovina shared that Varanasi is a special city that she yearns to come back to even though she’s been there twice already. “Here, the primal chaos of Indian cities meets with otherworldly humility. It is as if this city is stuck in ancient times.” Also, the Kerala region’s endless tea plantations and picturesque mountains have won the heart of Dubrovina and the memory of her time spent in India will last forever. For more detailed descriptions you’ll have to visit the artist’s official website or check out her Instagram profile.

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Enjoy India through the lenses of travel photographer Anastasiya Dubrovina

Photo credits: Anastasiya Dubrovina

“India can turn out to be an exciting experience not only for a travel photographer but for every curious traveler.” – Anastasiya Dubrovina

Photographer spent amazing two weeks in India capturing soulful sights and people that have been nothing but kind to her.

The journey had begun in the south, in Kerala, then it came the north in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Sarnath, and Khajuraho.

Artist used colors to lead the atmosphere of her compositions

“I’m extremely curious about people and how they live. The life and philosophy of locals is very different from what I am used to at home.”

“Most of all, I was impressed by small settlements, whose inhabitants have preserved traditional ways of life. In Indian villages, people still live according to the caste system.”

“There was a miniature temple on the roof. A man with a bandage on his head prayed without moving, and I, in turn, tried not to interfere with his prayer. I like the feeling of being above the bustle of the city.”

“The locals were open-minded and friendly.”

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