Compelling Resemblance of Crochet Piles of Yellow Pasta to Their Edible Counterparts

Food is a neverending inspiration, that’s a fact, also we have a special spot for art inspired by food. And now, we present to you delicious art pieces created out of crochet. The California-based crafter Normalynn Ablao created her Pasta Party pieces in 2013. It is one of her most popular patterns to this day. Ablao shaped all kinds of our favorite pasta – in her collection, you can find coils of spaghetti, stuffed tortellini, penne, and even complete meal like ricotta-and-sauce-filled lasagna, oh, yes! Her crochet work is original and unique. As she explained; it reflects how much she enjoys beautiful foods. Besides that, Ablao also designs her patterns as templates to serve as a springboard for the creativity of others. If you are into crochet or you’re inspired to try it right now, we suggest visiting Ablao’s website and Etsy shop where you can find patterns for many more food textured designs.


Photo credits: Normalynn Ablao

“Pasta Party” by California-based crafter Normalynn Ablao

Even in close-ups they look so real and tasty

Pick your favorite

Normalynn Ablao also does crochets of other foods like vegetables, cakes, and all sorts of sweets

Pasta is awesome, but don’t forget the dessert

Visit the artist’s website to learn about her various patterns for many more food textured designs.

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