7 Tips About Selecting Art for Your Home That You’ll Love

Are your walls feeling a little bland? A well-decorated home provides a number of cognitive benefits, and one that’s lacking might keep you from

A home’s artwork is perhaps the most important part of interior design. While furniture and other practical pieces are important, art brings the entire arrangement to a new level and makes it more than the sum of its parts.

If you can find the right art for your home, you’ll enjoy the place on a different level than you would if the walls were bare. We’re going to talk about choosing art for your home today, giving you some insights into what you should look for as well as things to avoid.

Hopefully, the ideas below allow you to wind up with the right choices. Let’s get started.

  1. Start With What You Like

The last thing you should do is select art for your home based on a particular trend or style that’s popular among other people. Art, especially the artwork in your home, should speak directly to you in one way or another.

So long as the artwork resonates with you, it should have a place in your home. So, shop around online or go to art shops, thrift stores, and local markets to find different visual art that you enjoy.

If you find something big and striking, you might consider making it a focal point and base your other selections off of that first one.

  1. Choose Pieces to Complement Eachother

Artwork in the home should follow some kind of thread. Whatever thread that is can be up to you, but there should be some arch that weaves through the things you hang on your wall.

For example, you might buy art for your home with similar color patterns or pieces that contrast each other in a way that they work on the same wall. The arrangement of particular pieces in relation to one another can also play into that scheme.

  1. Variety of Sizes

Look for artwork of all sizes to fill your home. Art can occupy almost any space, surface, or crevice of your home, so any size of artwork that you find might have a spot inside.

Switching up sizes provides dynamic energy to your art and makes certain pieces speak louder than others. Even if not on the same wall, consider switching up sizes depending on the room, the surface, or anything position you can think of.

  1. Variety of Mediums

The next thing to think about is the type of art that you’d like to display. Wall art isn’t the only form of art worth putting into your home. When you think of it, almost anything in the home can be art.

A cup, a couch, a table, a painting, a rug. It’s all art if there’s craftsmanship and creativity put into it. It never hurts to stand a sculpture in your entryway or buy a vase to put on your counter.

You can branch out even further if you want to. A unique sculpture from a local artist might be the thing you need to tie your room together. Sometimes, the best thing for a room is to break from tradition and themes and include something from out of left field.

  1. Make Sure You Feel Something

It’s easy to round up a bunch of art that seems like it would go together in your home. That said, it’s a very different thing to see all of that artwork on your walls and on your tables and actually like it.

If you invest time and energy into creating a home, why not try and feel something from the artwork inside of it? So, take a step back and appreciate the art you’re hanging for a moment.

Is it right? Do you want to look at this every single day? Are there options that could be more meaningful to you?

  1. Insert Some Personal Pieces

Don’t worry; we’re not saying that you should hang your own attempt at art on the wall.

We’re saying that you should include artwork made by your friends and family. You should also hang pictures of your family members, your memories together, and anything else you can think that might make the home more meaningful.

If you’re a good artist or you feel proud of something that you’ve made, hang it up and let the world behold your greatness. You might even consider hanging a portrait of your own home.

You can purchase house portraits that depict your home and hang them within your own home. It’s a classy move, and it’s also kind of a mind-bending, Inception sort of move.

Any art that has your guests thinking, “am I inside of this painting right now?” is pretty good.

  1. Take a Holistic Approach

If you’re stumped on choosing art for your home, take a moment and think about the things that you do have.

What sort of couches, chairs, plants, tables, knives, forks, and rugs do you have? Are there any themes running through your house already that you could tap into when it comes to the artwork?

All of the items in your home have a relationship to one another, whether you’re aware of it or not. When you set foot in a room, you’re experiencing all of the decor, the colors, the space between objects, and the perspective that you have from your position.

In this sense, every little thing matters if you want to curate something truly special. It’s possible to create a room that’s far beyond anything you’ve experienced in terms of comfort, happiness, productivity, or any other state of mind.

It just takes some thought, effort, and creativity to get the ball rolling. So, consider the whole picture when you’re stumped on art selections. When you can’t decide, it never hurts to bring something home, hang it up, and see if it works.

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