6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Wedding Videographer Work Better on Your Big Day


Your wedding day is a day to always remember. You want everything about it to be perfect, and you want to document the best moments in it as well. That is why you hire a wedding videographer. They specialize in glamourizing your big day and making you a star. For them to do their best job, you need to work with them. Here are 6 tips on how you can help your wedding photographer do a great job.

1.   Give Them a Checklist

You want your videographer to know which bits you want to be included in your wedding video. There are things you simply can’t miss out on. A good idea is to give them a videography checklist. They will get everything on the checklist on camera and you can edit the bits you don’t want.

2.   Let Them Know Everything

Give them all the details and more. Tell them about the venue details, and give them contacts of the coordinator if available. That way you can avoid any problems. You’ll be happy to know that there are new ways of recording that give amazing effects and quality. One of those is drone filming. According to the videographers at Toni Marino, drone filming is breathtaking and will add a cinematic feel to the video. However, your videographer needs to know if drone filming is allowed at the venue. f it’s allowed, look for a videographer that will execute drone filming with professionalism. One of them is the video production agency in Dubai.

3.   Be Clear with Instructions

We all know how weddings can be stressful but you should remember that your videographer is doing their job. Make sure that your instructions are precise and clear so that their job is easier to perform.

4.   Make a Sheet of Important Faces

You want your parents, best friends, and all the important people to be included in your wedding video. Your videographer doesn’t know them all so it helps a lot if you give him a face list of all the people you want to see frequently on your big day’s video.

5.   Introduce Them to the Photographer


Your videographer and photographer should be best friends and not enemies. Introduce them to one another and make sure they work together. The photographer can even give ideas to the videographer and vice versa. You don’t want them to focus on a rivalry of who can do the best shots and end up doing a bad job.

6.   Introduce Them to Best Man and Maid of Honor

Your best man and/or maid of honor have been working with you for months. They know everything you like and what you want in your wedding. While you’re busy preparing for the wedding or enjoying it, the videographer can ask all questions and propose all their ideas to your best man and maid of honor.


The best way to ensure you get the best out of your videographer is to make their job easier. Although they are professionals, they can get a bit lost if you’re not clear about what you want. They might end up giving you different results of what you imagine. You want the special moments captured for years to come. That way, you can look back on and remember some of the best moments of your life.