Jeffrey English NJ Graphic Designer Shares 5 Of the Top Brand Design Trends for 2020

Branding is more important these days than ever before. With practically every market imaginable filled with competitors that all want to out preform each other, being able to stand out and draw attention to ones business through strong branding is a must, and in most cases this starts with graphics design as practiced by professional graphics designers such as Jeffrey English NJ entrepreneur.

1. Neo-Minimalism

Minimalism has always had its ups and downs as a graphics design trend. Despite this, it has also always been a way to not only draw attention, but to also deliver a strong branding message. This is because minimalism gets the reader to focus on what the graphic is saying without over-complicating things.

These days there is a new trend in minimalism known as “neo-minimalism.” This fresh take on classic minimalist design elements are a great way to stand out with a simple yet powerful brand message. Neo-minimalism basically consists of a two-tone graphic with a short message as one would expect but shakes things up a bit with unique font choices and/or shapes. This makes the graphic not only easy to understand, but eye catching as well.

2. Natural Earth-Tones

While green and brown may not sound like the most attractive color combination on paper, it definitely has a distinct look when put into practice. Natural earth-tones such as these are a great way to represent a brand that focuses on themes such as being eco-friendly, recycling, and preserving the environment. In fact, any business that presents their product as “natural” can benefit from this color scheme since it immediately gets across that idea without words.

It should also be mentioned that this color scheme tends to go well with images of animals, plants, and other things that invoke the concept of “nature.” This is why natural earth-tones are so versatile when it comes to using them for a strong branding impact that conveys a business’ brand identity in a powerful way.

3. Metallic Minimalism

On the other side of the spectrum from natural earth-tones there are metallic minimalism. As the name suggests this form of graphic design relies on quite simple designs and messages that use a metallic color to really make them pop. Something like gold or silver against a black background is a good example of this design choice. Not only is it eye-catching, it also gives a sense of professionalism as well.

Anther strategy is to mix metallic minimalism with neo-minimalism for some totally unique designs that really stand out among the crowd. To make the most of this, a business needs to figure out how a neo-metallic minimalist design can help convey these themes to their target audience.

4. Neon Gradients and Warm Tones

Something that has been popular as of late is the “retro-future” branding style that invokes the neon sci-fi look of the 80s. However, this trend has now morphed into something unique with the use of warm tones. This, combined with neon gradients, has created a modern update to the classic retro-futuristic look that trades in the cold 80’s neon color schemes for something warmer and more welcoming.

The key here is using the gradient wisely. For example, red, orange, and yellow can be a terrible color combination if used recklessly and come off looking more obnoxious than anything. But when using a gradient, the colors flow seamlessly into one another, creating a pleasant neon effect that makes a brand feel warm and inviting, not overbearing.

5. 3D Gradients

One of the best ways to make a brand stand out is by using 3D gradient designs. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to incorporate 3D elements into 2D advertising, creating a striking visual design that will turn heads, and generate interest.

Another big benefit of this design choice is the fact that it allows a business to use many different colors without them all clashing with one another. This is of course thanks to the gradient effect which smooths the transition between colors and creates a cohesive design with a 3D flare.

Intelligent Graphics Design Strategy

Having strong visual elements is the cornerstone of any branding strategy. In addition to standing out and grabbing attention, a business must make sure that their design choices are attracting the right demographic. If not, then they will essentially be wasting their money on branding since they will get less of a return on their investment.

This is one of the main techniques used by professional graphics designers like Jeffrey English NJ. In fact, if a business is having trouble incorporating strong and unique branding into their graphic design elements, they should hire a professional. This will help them to use modern graphics design trends in a way that takes their business to the next level.