6 Crucial Things To Do If You Get Attacked By A Stray Dog

Dogs are usually incredibly peaceful and loving creatures. People take in canines as pets as they are pretty friendly. However, not all canines are pet material, and not all of them are friendly or peaceful. Some stray dogs can be quite vicious and may even attack humans if triggered by them in any way. Even though they may seem like sweet furry little creatures at first that are not capable of doing any harm, the consequences can be severe if a dog does attack you. Here are some of the most important things you will need to do if a stray canine attacks you.


1. Get Medical Help

If you get attacked by a dog, the first thing you need to do once you get to safety is to seek medical help. It does not matter if your injuries are severe or not; you will need to see a medical professional check that you are okay. Stray animals carry all kinds of diseases, and when they bite or harm you in any way, you fall at risk of transmission of those diseases. Visiting a doctor will ensure you are not at risk of infection and that you will recover safely afterward.

2. Contact an Attorney

Stray canines are either born in the wilderness or lost from their owners while walking them. If they are born on the streets, then the dogs are the responsibility of the local authorities. However, if they are out on walks with their owners, they are for keeping their pets in check. As seen on www.the702firm.com, if you are badly injured from an attack by a stray dog, you could always file for compensation claims or even sue the party at fault. There is always someone responsible for the dogs on the streets, even if they do not have an owner. The responsible party should pay for any damages or injuries that you suffer as a result of their negligence to the furry creatures.

3. Stay Still

When you get attacked by a vicious canine, your instant reaction may be to fight them and get your limbs away from their sharp teeth and paws. However, this could end up hurting you even more as you may tear your skin in the process. You should try your best to curl your whole body until the incident is over and remain as still as possible until the aggressive creature finally lets you go. As soon as you are free, start slowly walking to safety while avoiding eye contact so that you do not trigger the animal.

4. Assert Dominance

Although stray animals may seem vicious and scary when triggered by people, they are usually easily scared if they are met with a fierce attitude. If you think that a canine is about to approach you aggressively, you would assert dominance by throwing a small rock that will scare them away without hurting them. You should also try to shout loudly and confidently without triggering them more, simply to show that you are in charge in this situation.

5. Find a Safe Spot

Most of the time, you can see if a dog is about to attack you before they actually make their way towards you. The signs of aggression are obvious from a distance, and you should take the aggression very seriously. Once you notice that your presence or actions are triggering the canine, try to slowly make your way to a safe spot with barriers so you can avoid confrontation.

6. Call for Animal Control

Animal control authorities are there to ensure nobody gets harmed by stray creatures on the streets. They are also responsible for the welfare of the poor animals that usually attack people simply because they are too afraid of them. If you see a canine that looks too vicious or if you get attacked yourself, then you should quickly call for the animal control services to come to the rescue. They will take the animal away and ensure both they and the people walking down the streets are safe.


Even though dogs are mostly known for their friendly and cute nature, when triggered, some of them become vicious. We can’t really blame them, especially if they’re stray, because we don’t really know how severe or difficult their living conditions and health are. If you come across an aggressive canine that harms you in any way, you should make sure to contact the local authorities and consider filing for compensation. Remember to stay still during the attack and try to assert dominance wherever you can to reduce your chances of getting badly hurt.