Are Rings with Rubies Expensive

Are rings with rubies expensive? Discover the magic of these gemstones in jewellery

Rubies have been known to people for millennia. Their name comes from the Latin word rubeus, which means red. It was their fiery colour that made them a symbol of passion, a fiery temperament and love.

In this article you will learn about how valuable a ring with a ruby is as well as other interesting information about ruby jewellery.

Why choose jewellery with rubies?

Rubies are one of the “big three” of gemstones – the three rarest gemstones right after the diamond. So in addition to rubies, this group also includes emeralds and sapphires. Rubies stand out because they don’t lose their sparkle over time and are right below diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes them scratch-resistant and they can even withstand swimming in the sea. However due any to possible minor inclusions which they might have, care must be taken with temperature shocks and higher pressure.

Rubies are said to bring life energy. That’s probably why rings with rubies are a popular gift. They are perfect for ladies born in the sign of Aries or Leo or with a birthday in July, since this month has the ruby as a birthstone. A gift of ruby earrings would also be very traditional for a 40th wedding anniversary, which is called a ruby wedding anniversary.

The price of rubies

Experts from the KLENOTA jewellery studio advise that the price of natural rubies has been rising quite rapidly because their deposits are limited. How much a ruby ring costs varies of course depending on its specific design, quality and size of the stone but large, pure and high quality rubies weighing over 5 ct (which is 1 gram) even surpass diamonds in price since they are a complete rarity. A ruby ring with diamonds is therefore also ideal as an investment for the future.

Don’t rubies look great!

These pinkish-red stones evoke both elegance and temperament in jewellery. Ruby jewellery can brighten up any outfit and is popular even among aristocratic women. It suits women of all ages. Whether you prefer a more classic look or would like a modern accessory, you can achieve both with rubies.

The oval or round cut is considered traditional and the teardrop or marquise cut are chosen by ladies when they are looking for something more distinctive. A ruby ring in yellow gold makes a warm and welcoming impression. On the other hand their bold colour stands out more due to the contrast when it comes to a ring with a ruby set in white gold. And the combination of rubies with diamonds is also a great idea, especially if you are going to a special occasion.

Famous rubies around the world

In 2015, the Sunrise Ruby from Burma became a record breaking ruby – a Swiss buyer paid a whopping €30 million for it at a gemstone auction. This stone is exceptional for its unique colour and clarity, weighing an impressive 25.59 ct.

One of the most famous pieces of ruby jewellery is Elizabeth Taylor’s ring which was given to her by Richard Burton. He romantically promised her that one day he would find the most beautiful ruby in the world for her and four years later he made good on his promise by having the stone set in a yellow gold setting and surrounded by diamonds so that the stones formed a flower motif.

And which ruby jewellery do you find the most beautiful?