56 Bathroom Designs You Will Love!

Appealing bathroom designs are absolutely essential for feeling great. A bathroom is a space for self-pampering, a space in the house where you can refresh after a long day’s work.

It is intended to provide comfort and peace and also a place where you can have a good scrub and refresh!

Imagine going into your beautiful bathroom and having a whiff of your vanilla-scented candles, yes, it’s soothing.

We took the liberty to hand-pick 56 bathroom designs to inspire you and make your friends a tad envious.

From the ceiling to the floors, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance of the space. The varied textures, splashes of colors, decorative elements, and aroma create the atmosphere.

Every minuscule detail adds essence to the design concept.

We hope these designs inspire you!

Table of Contents

1. Black & White Bathroom Designs

bathroom designs

It’s sleek and crisp. The defined lines, the subtle grains of wood veneer, the paneled wall, and the simplicity of the white tubular pendant lights make this bathroom look refined and sophisticated.

The glassy stand-alone tub on top of the black granite floor exudes a luxurious appeal. Moreover, dazzling its neutral palettes with the lush emerald green leaves of Calathea brought in a natural atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the sunlight beaming from the window illuminates every feature of this bathroom.

2. A Bathroom Design With Sleek Gray Tones

gray bathroom design with panoramic window

The marbled gray floors fused with polished gray walls and decorative elements rendered in white satin finish created balance.

The panoramic window and the view it highlights through its clear transparent glass add more exquisite visual appeal. It’s simple yet elevated with cohesive textures and palettes while the linear LED lighting on the ceiling brightens the room with subtlety.

Makes you want to enter the inviting clear glass shower door and pamper yourself with some perfumed shower gel. 

3. Minimalist Bathroom Design with Black and Brown Palettes

black and brown modern bathroom design

The dark tones, light-colored granite floors, and exquisite bathroom fixtures fashioned a minimalist modern bathroom design with a twist of oriental style.

It may look quite simple at first glance but looking closely, the details are implicit. The large rectangular mirror makes the bathroom appear even more spacious.

Additionally, the horizontal patterns of the cabinet’s dark wooden grains attract attention. It gives a complementary ingenious contrast to the overall image of the bathroom. 

4. A Chic Tropical Bathroom Design

a tropical inspired bathroom with satin white stand alone tub

A tropical bathroom comes with the fresh salty air of the sea and comforting razzles of the ocean waves. It makes you feel like you’re on an island with white powdery sand and glistening turquoise water.

A chic tropical bathroom design like this exudes quite a sultry ambiance. The silky white hues accentuated with orange-brown palettes created a well-defined tropical taste.

The wooden ottoman, the woven storage box, and the braided floor mat are handpicked to match the subtlety of the design.

With a little accent of luscious potted plants, the room breathes a crisp tropical air. 

5. A Bathroom Design With A Luxurious Ambiance

a luxurious black bathroom design with herringbone patterned wall

Silky black hues and soft feminine pinks make quite a strong contrast. However, with the right balance, it becomes lavish.

The floor of this bathroom is embellished with opulent black marble exhibiting an edgy yet elegant aesthetic.

The shower wall, on the other hand, is decorated with a herringbone pattern colored in velvety soft pink hues.

The black silk curtain adds a classic twist to this contemporary bathroom. This is a modern minimalist take on the time-honored Roman style.

6. Black Contemporary Bathroom Designs

spacious modern bathroom design interior in gray tones with concrete floor, freestanding tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity with a panoramic window

The black wood parquet and gray concrete floors with a smooth finish reflect beautifully as the light beams from the panoramic window.

The geometric choices of figures as decorative pieces created an abstract visual appeal. It is balanced with the defined curve of the freestanding tub and metallic finish dark gray bathroom table.

The sleek bathroom fixtures add more figurative details while the picturesque view of the panoramic window frames gives the space a natural essence.

7. A Bathroom Design With A Scandinavian Appeal

a pearl white scandinavian inspired bathroom with wooden parquet floor

The pearl white parquet wall tiles exude elegance. The beautiful grains of the parquet flooring and its earthy tones gave the space an organic appeal.

The mod bathroom fixtures embellished this bathroom design with more functional details. The gray tones accents made the space appear connected while the panoramic window sends in natural lighting that lits up the whole room.

A bathroom design like this flaunts an exquisite simplicity.

8. Eclectic Bathroom Designs

freestanding bath tub with grecian patterned mirrored divider

It’s a classic bathroom design. The rustic gray bathtub with a vintage faucet decorated the space with such an awe-inspiring charisma.

The beautiful starburst pattern on stone tiles adorned the floors with an even more classic image.

The gleaming mirrored divider with Grecian patterns, on the other hand, elevated the eclectic style of the space. This charming bathroom space takes back to the golden era. 

9. A Clean And Crisp Power Blue Bathroom Design

powder blue wall with freestanding white bath tub and panoramic window

The glossy white bathtub accentuated with powder blue hues creates quite a subtle appeal.

Embellishing it with triangular patterns on the wall made the space look more striking. The wooden rustic storage ladder decor and its intricate coiling grains give diversity to the sharp-edged design elements.

The panoramic view, on the other hand, highlights a view that almost appears like a watercolor skyline painting.

This bathroom space exhibits an airy and comfortable atmosphere.

10. Monochromatic Bathroom Designs

sleek white walls with round mirror and twin lavatory

Looking from afar, the space seems to represent an outright simplicity. Looking closely at every detail, its simple tones beam blissful visual quality.

The sublime grains of charcoaled wood rendered in lustrous black hues balance the light tones of the wooden floor. The round vanity evens the jagged figures that dominate the space.

The sleek black window illuminates the space highlighting the intricate features of each of the design elements. This monochromatic bathroom design is far from boring.

It is a timeless space that gives the room harmony and more flexibility for future alterations. 

11. An Industrial Bathroom Design With Earthy Tones

wood panel walls with swirling bamboo divider and panoramic window bathroom designs

Bringing nature inside creates a modest atmosphere. The swirling bamboo divider leaning onto the solid light-colored wood panels harmoniously blends with the gray concrete floors.

This cozy bathroom space decorated with organic elements creates a more relaxing ambiance.

The industrial pendant lights give varied design details while highlighting the octagon mirror. The visual focus, however, is the vast view of the panoramic window frames.

The natural elements embedded in the space harmoniously connect with the environment outside.

12. A Modern Bathroom Design With A Rustic Twist

glossy white tiled walls with panoramic mirror and gray cabinet bathroom design

The glossy brick tiles with black outlines make a plain white wall attractive. It accents the decorative pieces on top of the light gray storage cabinet.

The elegant silky white pots with rustic finishes add a layer of texture to the overall look of the image. The grotesque succulent potted plants with luscious forest green hues splash the space with a fresh appeal.

Moreover, the matte finish black faucet on the lavatory beautifully compliments the black outlined brick patterns of the wall tiles. 

13. Modern Industrial Bathroom Designs

two silver metallic large pots with glossy white freestanding tub and solid yellowish brown accent wall

A fusion of three distinct styles may be hard to pull off, but this one worked wonderfully.

The industrial appeal of the black tubular storage ladder tastefully blends with the gray marble floors.

The metallic silver pots, on the other hand, capture attention.

Its glistening surface may seem out of place, but it creates a cohesive flow to the intricate veins of the luxurious marble.

The wooden accents on the wall embellish the room with a little something natural.

14. A Bathroom Design With A Cobalt Blue Brick Wall Accent

blue brick accent wall with stand alone metallic tub and potted plant

The cobalt blue accent wall screams attention. Its textured surface adds layers of details while the silver metallic freestanding tub blends in with the dark-hued wooden floors.

The scented candles beside the magnetic tub bring a relaxing ambiance while the potted plant refreshes the dark poignant tones of other elements.

The white walls neutralize the saturated hues of cobalt blue while bringing harmony to the varied styles contrived in this space. While all the other elements are edgy, the cut pile carpet decorated with geometric lines brought in a supple atmosphere. 

15. A Gray Monochromatic Bathroom Space

gray marble wall tiles with silky white tub and sleek white storage cabinet bathroom design

Monochromatic designs are never out of trend. Its simplicity overpowers maximal design.

Every element in this bathroom design is functional. Despite the limited space, no clutter or bathroom purpose is left behind.

The beautiful render of the dark gray tiled walls tastefully complements the cleanly defined angles of the white veneer storage cabinet.

The chrome-finished bathroom fixtures are cohesive to the overall appeal of this mod monochromatic bathroom.

Each design feature created an edgy small bathroom without compromising function. 

16. A Mod Bathroom Design with Accent Color

black and white floor tiles with small diamond patterns and twin round mirror on a teal storage cabinet

Concrete finish is an architectural trend that was birthed post-UK war. It is an architectural concept called Brutalism.

Brutalism interiors exude an avant-garde appeal yet carry practicality and rawness. Gray concrete walls accentuated with a vibrant blue radiate a fresh trendy image.

The glazed white tile embellished with a black diamond shape and the matte surfaced black farmhouse pendant light create a smooth flow from the ceiling to the floor.

The rustic finish ladder organizer rendered in light-colored wooden grains elevates the room with a rustic edge while the turquoise ocean blue palette accentuates the space with a refreshing ambiance.

17. Minimalist Bathroom Designs with Organic Elements

silky dark gray walls with panoramic mirror, twin chrome lavatory on wall-mounted storage cabinet

The silken gray walls paired with the smooth-finished wooden hanging cabinet styled the bathroom with a superb luxurious appeal.

Every design element is decorated with a glistening surface while the rawness of the wood parquet floor hoists an earthy atmosphere.

The austere bathroom fixtures add up to the minimalist appeal while the panoramic mirror illustrates a spacious milieu.

The linear LED lights that are hidden behind the slick mirror illuminate the beautiful surface of the twin tabletop sink.

18. Ceramic White and Emerald Green Bathroom Designs

emerald green mosaic tiles combined with matte finish white wall tiles and wood panel dark brown flooring and dark gray tub bathroom

It is dazzled with the luscious palettes of the forest and juxtaposed with the silken ceramic white hues.

The fusion of the textured emerald green natural stone tiles and luxurious wooden floors exhibits a high-end design.

The freestanding fiberglass tub rendered in a matte finish with dark gray hues adds an even more fancy appeal.

The simplicity of its overall look comes with meticulous posh details. It is a deluxe bathroom space inspired by the elements of nature.

19. A Grecian-inspired Bathroom Design

an ethereal bathroom design with creamy white gray and rose gold marble, walk in tub and white and gray twin lavatory

Marbles flaunt a Grecian impression. The grandiose exterior of the detailed ceramic white stone tiles fused with the smooth veiny white marble lavatory boasts an opulent Grecian aesthetic.

The chrome bathroom design fixtures add contemporary details while the white and gray granite floors create a cohesive facade.

The rose gold bathroom accessories highlight the subtle yet classy bathroom environment.

The bravado of this bathroom space shows off a godly Grecian style.

20. A Bronze-Gold Posh Bathroom Space

mosaic tiled walls with pedestal lavatory

The intricacy of bronze-gold mosaic tiles exudes a rustic patina appeal. Every detail exhibits a vintage conceptual luxury with a flare of the orchid’s sophistication.

The complimenting texture of the glossy white freestanding lavatory creates a cohesive flow. The metallic rose gold mirror frame and chrome faucet fixture connect every glimmering element of the design.

This bathroom design blends the touch of classic maximalist with a twist of modern luxury.

21. Black and White Abstract Bathroom Designs

black and white bathroom with walk in tub and wall mounted lavatory

It’s an abstract luxury fortress. Every bathroom fixture is tastefully curated with defined abstract figures.

The black mosaic tiles textured the bathroom with elegance while fixtures exhibit varied abstract shapes to display an Avant-garde approach.

The clean crisp lines and swirling shower rack are strategically hand-picked to add intrigue. The rustic mirror, on the other hand, decorates the space with a vintage flair. 

22. A White Bathroom Space With A Chic And Crisp Aesthetic

white tiled bathroom wall with wall mounted silky white lavatory and a rectangular pastel blue violet mirror

White glossy ceramic-tiled walls are simple and subtle yet engaging. The pastel blue-violet mirror and storage cabinet bring in a modest modern facade.

The chrome-finished bathroom fixtures create a distinctly contemporary appeal.

The candor of this space gives off an airy atmosphere that is calming and comforting.

The fusion of subtle palettes, varying textures, and crisp elements made this bathroom an ideal space for serenity. 

23. Crisp Scandinavian-Inspired Industrial Bathroom Designs

white bathroom with accents of black rectangular mirror and orange-brown wooden counters with tabletop lavatory

The industrial concept has in a way proved its value in the world of design. It is a versatile concept that can be fused with any traditional perspective.

It turns a maximal approach into something progressive. It is a flexible concept, thus, it is timeless.

This industrial bathroom space is embellished with raw concrete wall accents. While, the yellowish cork wood, on the other hand, is highlighted by the cool white walls.

The defined lines from the mirror frames, cast iron pendant lights and pitched black-painted tubes define the industrial image.

24. A Bathroom Design With A Minimalist Concept

minimalist white bathroom design with accents of forest green philodendron leaves on a clear glass vase with accents of dark brown palettes

A monochromatic space can be quite stark.

Accessories become a prerequisite to balance its plain sight. Minimalist concepts are often combined with natural elements for balance.

Potted plants with lustrous silky forest green leaves and rough-textured wooden details add an organic touch.

The pearl white palette blended with the rustic concrete floor finish elevates the room with more raw delicacy. A bathroom space like this emanates a zen atmosphere.   

25. Modern and Trendy Bathroom Designs

a trendy bathroom with black doodled artwork and accents of neon yellow palettes

A monochromatic bathroom design accentuated with bold vivid colors and art is a trendy interior space. It exudes a youthful aesthetic.

The interior concept of this bathroom is appalled by the striking neon yellow fashionably contrasted by the details of black and white wallpaper graphics.

The neutral choice of colors paired with gray bathroom accessories balanced its audacious facade.

The chrome-finish bathroom fixtures along with the slick glossy white tabletop sink and storage cabinets bring in a fresh clean appeal. 

26. A Brutalist Bathroom Interiors

gray bathroom design with gray wall tiles, dark wooden wall mounted storage space and drop in lavatory and large rectangular mirror

The glossy concrete wall finish fused with the raw appeal of the dark wooden storage flows an organic-looking bathroom design.

The beautiful contrast of the hexagonal-patterned floor tiles is strikingly craving attention.

The illuminated rectangular mirror, on the other hand, is the central focus. It reflects the details of the bathroom with beaming luminescence.

The chrome-finished bathroom fixtures made all the elements appear collective.

27. A Contemporary Bathroom Space in Copper Orange Hues

copper orange wall tiles with rectangular large mirror accentuated with chrome finished bathroom fixtures

Orange is a cheerful color, it lights up the room with a positive vibe.

The brick-patterned copper-orange wall tiles radiate a fun bathroom ambiance. The white glossy bathroom elements balance the striking hues of orange while the chrome bathroom fixtures add more details to the overall appeal of the space.

The large rectangular mirror, on the other hand, makes the room appear more spacious. 

28. Glamorous Interior Bathroom Designs

mosaic tiled bathroom counter with tabletop lavatory and large vanity

The glamour of black mosaic tiles exhibits impeccable taste.

The large mirror reflects a superb vanity essence. The ceramic tabletop sink, on the other hand, creates a figurative image while the linear blue LED light highlights the details and pattern of the silken finish of the black mosaic tiles.

The ceramic white mosaic tiles give balance and subtlety to the extravagant design elements.

This is a prestigious bathroom design that gives a taste of 80s glamour. 

29. A Ceramic White and Pastel Pink Attic Bathroom Design

white bathroom with stand alone tub and accents of gray marble finish tiles and cork wood bathroom countertop

The attic is one place in the house that usually ends up in a storage room.

However, an attic that invites natural lighting through an awning window deserves a revamp.

The crisp essence of white walls beautifully contrasted by the organic appeal of the yellowish-orange cork wood tabletop piques attention.

The glistening white acrylic freestanding tub on top of the subtle bluish-gray floors simply flows with the gray concrete accent of the storage cabinet.

The splashes of pastel pink, on the other hand, created a soft comforting atmosphere.

30. A Futuristic Bathroom Design

white bathroom design with accents of black and white floor tiles with diamond patterns and walk in shower

A bathroom painted in aircraft white, translucent glass dividers, and silken white brick wall tiles models a water-inspired space.

The acrylic freestanding bathtub with a white brick finish creates a cohesive flow across the room.

The chrome-finish bathroom fixtures add an extra glimmer to the space while the diamond-patterned tile gives it quite a strong yet complementing contrast.

The details are tastefully hand-picked to match every element in the room.

31. A Modern Oriental Bathroom Design

a modern oriental bathroom design with mosaic wall tiles and reddish brown wood veneer and acrylic tabletop lavatory

It’s a luxurious oriental abode. The bronze-gold mosaic tiles magnet attention while the intricate wooden grains lead your eyes right to the center focus; the walk-in shower.

The fiery yellow-orange tabletop lavatory exhibits quite a unique aesthetic, however, still cohesive to the palettes of the space.

The accents of glossy white finishes, on the other hand, vibe a refreshing atmosphere. It gives the space a place to rest the eyes.

The way every element blends modeled a luxurious bathroom with the flair of oriental style.  

32. A Dark Gray High-End Bathroom Design

modern white and gray bathroom design with wall mounted storage, freestanding silky white tub and tabletop lavatory

The matte finish gray walls and floors are simply exquisite.

The subtlety of its appearance becomes grand when the linear LED lights illuminate its surface.

The accent wall embellished with glossy white wall tiles made the vanity area a little bit extra.

The large mirrors that envelope the space, on the other hand, display quite a visual effect while making the room appear more spacious.

Lastly, the shimmering glass chandelier simply emanates the posh taste of the design. 

33. A Japan-Di Bathroom Design Concept

minimalist oriental bathroom with stand alone matte finish creamy white tub, potted upright tub gray walls, wood palette flooring and three cone pendant light

Japan-Di design concept is a combination of Japan’s famed wabi-sabi fused with Scandinavian style. Wabi-sabi leans toward highlighting the raw imperfect stature of design elements.

The Scandinavian influence, on the other hand, corrects imperfections through clean and defined lines.

This bathroom design radiates an outright balance.

The inverted cone-shaped pendant lights exhibit a proportionate visual impact.

The upright potted plant on the corner contributes a soft natural allure while the light-colored wooden floor pallets frame the room with subtle organic appeal.

34. A Bathroom Design With Soft White Hues

a simple and chic bathroom design rendered in light brown palettes and orange-brown wood veneer with walk in tub and shower

The quaint palettes of the room make it look inviting. The soft neutral hues display a comforting ambiance beautifully translated through the light tender lines of the wooden veneer.

The rectangular vanity lights up the room with intensity making the walk-in shower and the drop-in tub in the corner look even more enticing.

The silken white elements around the room create a cohesive function.

35. A Bright and Fun Kids’ Bathroom Designs

a kids bathroom colored in bright red, yellow orange, and red orange hues with yellow plastic stool and walk in mosaic-tiled tub

Orange is a perfect palette for kids’ bathrooms. It’s a playful color that goes with the kids’ overflowing energy.

The graphical impact of the orange mosaic tiles catches attention. The accent floral-patterned tile, on the other hand, boosts the space with more colorful and comical gestures.

The toys make it even a more playful space where kids can safely bathe and play. Everything in this kid-friendly bathroom is an example of a contextual design with function. 

36. Elegant European Design Inspired Bathrooms

an elegant neutral bathroom design with a charming vintage freestanding tub and metallic storage cabinet

European interiors are always glamorous. It almost always exhibits a red-carpet standard.

The beautiful details this bathroom design displays are exuberant. The cabriole leg of the freestanding tub show off a classic aesthetic tastefully fused with the modern checkerboard floors.

The shimmering console table glimmers the room with whimsical appeal making it even look more like a celebrity-worthy bathroom.

A bathroom design like this will envelop you with vintage European luxury.

37. Mediterranean-Styled Bathroom Design

a luxurious oriental bathroom design with wooden solid dark wood storage, wall mounted toilet and woven accent chair

Terracotta tiles breathe Mediterranean air you can almost smell the euphoric salty ocean breeze. The neutral palettes of this room envelop you with an earthy atmosphere.

The luxurious appeal of the vintage wooden storage cabinet and woven accent chair elevates the space with a high-end tropical taste.

The beautiful fiery impact of the red cove lights beaming downward vibes a warm and comforting ambiance. 

38. A Tropical Minimalist Bathroom Design

a chic bathroom design with freestanding acrylic glossy finished tub and textured gray accent wall with a panoramic glass window

The palettes of bluish-white almost blend in with the alluring colors of the sea.

It becomes one with the outdoor landscape. The silken freestanding acrylic tub creates a central focus while the organic surface of the gray accent wall gives the space a more natural appeal.

The panoramic window, on the other hand, charmingly captures in-frame the little island across the vicinity.

The way the bathroom design worked around the natural facade of the environment created a space that embraces nature.  

39. Luxurious Bathroom Interiors with a Twist of Tropical Design

a luxurious bathroom design with dark gray mosaic tiles on the wall with dark wood accents and potted palm plants

It’s a ravish tropical bathroom design. The fusion of glossy-finished black mosaic tiles along with the stone-finish dark gray ceramic that runs from the wall to the floors shaped a charismatic bathroom.

The radical contrast of the bold grains of wooden mirror frames and drawers brings more interest to the space. The icy blue linear LED light that gleamed on the floor added a trendy youthful appeal.

Accessorizing it off with some live tropical palms on white terracotta pots concludes a bathroom design concept influenced by 1920s glamour in Paris.

40. Modern Italian Equatorial Bathroom Design

a luxurious bathroom with black tiled walls and sky blue accent wall and tabletop lavatory on top of the wooden bathroom storage countertop

Imagine seaside Italy Castillo perched on top of a vertical landscape but modern.

The pastel powder blue accent wall brought in the seaside ambiance. The sleek yellowish-brown wood veneers balanced the robust facade of the black stone-finished ceramic wall and floor tiles.

The luxurious hue of the inviting shower glass, on the other hand, reflects a luxurious modern Italian aesthetic.

41. A Modern Japanese Shibui Bathroom Designs

bluish gray bathroom design with walk in tub and wall mounted countertop and tabletop lavatory

Shibui is a Japanese traditional design concept that brings the raw beauty of nature into a home.

The granite stone finish of the whirlpool tub displays a modern take on the concept. The cohesive tones of grays with tints of blue created a cool atmosphere.

The ceramic pot with miniature bamboos exhibits a Japanese zen aesthetic while the cattail in front of the rectangular mirror charmed the space with softness.

42. A Bathroom Design With Elegant Dark Gray Parquet Walls

a dark gray bathroom design with parquet wall tiles. freestanding tub. and minimalist bathroom fixtures

The implicit details of the dark gray parquet wall emanate sophistication. It glistens as light hits its surface, while the glossy concrete floor finish adds more texture to the space.

All the patterns fused in this bathroom complement the slick bathroom fixture style.

The candor and defined appeal of every design element are all contrived to exhibit quite an alluring luxurious bathroom ambiance.

43. A Rustic- Eclectic Bathroom Design

rustic freestanding gray tub with teal vase and blue tiny flowers

The gray stone freestanding tub demands attention. Its rustic details fused with the chrome-finished vintage faucet decorate the space with classic glamour.

The teal blue accents from the ceramic vase decorated with tiny blue flowers give this space a replenishing look. You can never go wrong with the time-honored pieces.

They are ageless icons that exhibit absolute prestige. Classic pieces carry a long history that shaped every modern design today.

44. Elegant Grecian Bathroom Designs

white marbled wall with freestanding acrylic tub and panoramic window overlooking the sea

It’s an ethereal tropic design.

Vast cerulean blue and the supple ivory white sands inspired the sublime beauty of this space.

The polished ceramic white freestanding tub and wall-mounted lavatory create an enticing bathroom ambiance.

Exquisite white and gray marble accent wall, on the other hand, brings in a Grecian equatorial appeal while the freestanding full-length mirror adds more visual character.

The silken-finished floors exude an upscaled tropical elegance. 

45. Charismatic Black and Gray Bathroom Design

shiny black mosaic wall tiles, clear glass shower door, track lights and glossy gray wall mounted storage bathroom design

A modern glamorous space with a twist of maximal touch is what this bathroom design displays.

The black mosaic tiles radiate prestige along with the chrome finish bathroom fixtures.

The track lighting accessorized the space with an edgy mod appeal while the wall-mounted storage cabinet rendered in glossy light gray finish created a smooth flow from the shower to the vanity area.

Not to mention, the beautifully textured stone-finish dark gray ceiling elevates the space with luxurious organic essence. 

46. Minimalist Oriental Bathroom Design

a spacious white bathroom design with floor to ceiling jalousy window, light wood accent wall and white acrylic freestanding tub

This bathroom space is tastefully painted with pearl white hues.

The silken finish of every surface dazzled the space with an airy elegant atmosphere you can almost smell the calming aroma of vanilla-scented candles.

The rosewood accent wall subtly highlights the supple charisma of the atmosphere while ornamental orchid accessories dazed the space with a sophisticated taste.

It’s a space that radiates a sense of comfort at par with a luxurious scenic view.

47. A Bathroom Design with Modern Black and White Style

a bathroom design with with glossy black tiles with square pattern black wall mounted storage, drop in tub and chrome bathroom fixtures

This bathroom space is tastefully painted with pearl white hues.

The silken finish of every surface dazzled the space with an airy elegant atmosphere you can almost smell the calming aroma of vanilla-scented candles.

The rosewood accent wall subtly highlights the supple charisma of the atmosphere while ornamental orchid accessories dazed the space with a sophisticated taste.

It’s a space that radiates a sense of comfort at par with a luxurious scenic view.

48. Contemporary Black Bathroom Design

a modern minimalist bathroom design with dark gray textured wall acrylic silken white tub tabletop sink and chrome finish bathroom fixtures

The black textured walls simply exude mod and posh.

A white curvy glossy tub, on the other hand, is a statement piece. Every element works harmoniously despite that poignant figurative facade of every bathroom fixture.

The minimalist Italian aesthetic may be too austere but it’s never dull. It creates a space that breathes quite a sophisticated yet stylish atmosphere.

49. Modern Luxurious Colonial-Inspired Bathroom Designs

ceramic white bathroom design with white and gray marble countertop chrome finished bathroom fixtures and bluish gray glass shower door

The details are impeccable. Every corner is decorated with glistening features and a distinct colonial-era aesthetic.

The chrome-finish bathroom accessories create a cohesive flow across the room while the marbled countertop adds a fancy facade.

The bluish shower glass door layered the space with a more alluring appeal. While the white brick walls, on the other hand, added a dash of modern aesthetic.  

50. Sleek Bathroom Interior With Greek Design Influence

a bright white bathroom design with gray and white bathroom interiors bluish gray glass door and ceramic white storage console table

The rough-textured Volakas marble blankets the room with Grecian luxury. It defines the refined taste of the Greeks when it comes to design.

The traditional influence of this bathroom interior is exhibited through the details of paneled storage cabinets and hexagonal figures.

The bluish renders of the translucent glass doors depict the beauty of the seaside Grecian equatorial appeal.

51. Contemporary Spanish-Colonial Bathroom Design

a modern colonial bathroom design painted in khaki brown hues classic chrome cast iron bathroom fixtures and white circular pendant light

A Spanish-Colonial aesthetics carries a long line of history. The impeccable details of the Nero Marquina marble flaunt a traditional Spanish design.

Such beauty has withstood the test of time and become a valuable element in the contemporary era.

The khaki-painted walls show off a warm and comforting ambiance while the cylindrical lighting fixtures illuminate the room with subtlety.

The vintage cast iron lighting accessories glimmer the room with a time-honored Spanish aesthetic.

52. Colonial Tropical Bathroom Designs

a modern tropical with a twiast of colonial bathroom design with cream colored cabinets with simple moldings and terracotta tiles

It’s pure coastal luxury, this bathroom will delve you into the space that breathes the crisp Mediterranean air.

The charming light reddish-brown terracotta tiles paired with the clean defined lines of storage cabinet moldings display the intricate character of the bathroom.

The rustic dark brown ceramic vases and the concrete finish pot embellished with the lush geometric palm leaves decorate the room with a raw and natural atmosphere.

53. A Chic Bathroom Design Inspired by the Colonial Period

ceramic white bathroom design with light gray walls paneled storage cabinets freestanding white acrylic tub and double french window

It’s a charming bathroom decorated with creamy white hues and textured walls.

The chrome-finish bathroom fixtures exhibit the elegant taste of the design.

A touch of the glossy white freestanding tub by the curtained window makes it even more inviting.

The paneled storage cabinets add to the classic facade of the space while the bespoke mirror balances it off with a contemporary appeal.

54. Dark Gray Modern Bathroom Design With Orange Accents

a slick dark gray modern bathroom design with light colored wood veneer wall mounted white acrylic lavatory with accents of bright orange

A modern minimalist bathroom design may be too simple in sight, but it never dulls the space.

The character of the room can be elevated through subtle and cohesive textures, minuscule details of every accessory, and varied surface finishes.

A bathroom interior like this is accentuated with fiery Pantone orange palettes that capture the eyes.

The strict lines and figures that decorated the room made it softer through the curvilinear facade of the tabletop lavatory. 

55. Contemporary Rustic-Coastal Bathroom Design

blue and white bathroom design with ceramic white tub and white framed french window

It’s a delightful coastal abode.

The beautiful shade of the teal blue palette brightens the room with such exquisite tropical charm.

The crisp white brick walls, on the other hand, impacts the room with a little bit of subtle glamor. The double-hung window with textured translucent glass became the central focus.

It brings natural lighting into the space highlighting the weaving-patterned bathroom tiles.

56. Modern Oriental Bathroom Design

modern oriental bathroom design with influence of oriental aesthetic

This oriental-styled bathroom exudes tranquility. The neutral hues of the space create a serene yet contemporary image.

The silken white countertop with ceramic white tabletop lavatory radiates elegance and is graced with soft tones of the dark brown polished decorative vase.

The custom-made mirror, on the other hand, creates a spacious illusion making the room appear larger. Every design element is in harmony.

Bathroom Designs – Conclusion

The bathroom is a personal chamber.

Every detail must influence every function of the bathroom space. The colors, textures, lighting, and accessories all contribute to the overall appeal of the room.

Choosing the right combination matters greatly.

A bathroom with the right lighting, airflow, and palettes can change a mood in just a snap.

We hope this collection inspired you!