54 Colorful Tattoos To Bring Light Into Your Life!

It’s true that we are deeply in love with tattoos. Tiny tattoos, floral tattoos, fine line tattoos… We are also great fans of colorful tattoos, which come in various sizes and styles and look wonderfully beautiful on all parts of the body.

We are always searching for the latest styles and unique designs for colorful tattoos, and Macedonian Aleksandra Stojanoska is one of our favorite tattoo artists who uses color masterfully to leave the mark of her pure imagination on your skin.

Her artwork is an exploration of raw human emotion, shown through the movement of the female body. Storytelling with no words fascinates her and her style keeps evolving whenever she creates a new piece.

In her words: Never stop growing, nothing is more satisfying than to motivate the people around you to become the best version of themselves. We love these words, they truly resonate with use, and think they will with you too.

You can see more of her body art examples on her Instagram account, and visit her website to get in touch for bookings plus shop for prints.

She also releases YouTube videos on her channel, which you may find interesting.

We’ve selected a gallery of her most vibrant and colorful tattoo designs that will bring light into your life.

Hope you enjoy them and find them as inspirational as we have!

Table of Contents

1. Soulful Grapes Tattoo In Vibrant Colors

grapes colorful tattoo design

All colors and featured images have symbolic meanings. Grape tattoos are one of the most significant tattoos considering their shape and color.

Purple symbolizes royalty, power, creativity, devotion, mystery, and many more. Grapes represent youthfulness, vitality, abundance, and fertility.

When the two meet in a colorful tattoo composition, you’ll have a no-regret ink art on your body.

2. Abstract Colorful Tuba Tattoo

tuba musical instrument colorful tattoo

This is a custom-made design in honor of one of Aleksandra’s client’s dad, who used to play the tuba. He wanted to carry a permanent expression of their shared passion for music on his body.

It is so valuable to have a tattoo in honor of your beloved ones, don’t you think? On the other hand, it can be a cool idea to turn your favorite musical instrument into a colorful tattoo design that will remain on your skin forever.

3. Nature Themed Colorful Tattoo

nature themed colorful tattoo

Nature provides the most abundant source of inspiration for all kinds of art. In this one, the artist preferred the brightest tones of pink, purple, blue, and green for the floral part and included two honey bees to complete the composition.

This impressive watercolor tattoo design radiates a splash of joy and happiness, it feels as if you are in the arms of nature.

4. Remarkable Colorful Couple Tattoo

couple colorful tattoo design

This is another custom-made tattoo design Aleksandra inked on the request of one of her couple clients. She applied each of them two colorful symbols, which is a hidden Sith Order after Vader and the Emperor.

Do you consider getting a couple tattoo to mark your special connection with your sweetheart on your skin forever?

5. Nature Themed Feminine Colorful Tattoo

nature female colorful tattoo

You won’t believe it, but this is a cover-up tattoo that Aleksandra titles “Outgrow yourself”. With its extremely feminine look, it showcases a female body in the form of a tree whose leaves are pink and roots are strongly grounded to the earth.

The blue lines seem to be representing water which means life and purity. This colorful tattoo composition is rich in meaning that will make you want to get one for yourself.

6. Colorful Cats Tattoo Design

colorful cats tattoo design

If you are a paw-parent and considering getting a tattoo soon, why not portray your furry friends on your skin?

In this colorful tattoo design, you see Felix and Peachy, a custom piece for their really cool mom inked by Aleksandra so realistically and reflecting rich artistic features at the same time.

7. Colorful Tattoo Of The Female Body

female body colorful tattoo

“Art is so liberating. You can draw blue titties just because you want to.” tells Aleksandra about this charming tattoo design, outstanding with its strong feminine aspect.

It demonstrates cool and artful line work, which adds extra value to the overall look of it. Bright shades of blue and red just made the perfect match for this colorful tattoo composition.

8. Colorful Floral Tattoo Design

colorful flower tattoo

Floral tattoos are very open for all shades of color which lets the artist go crazy with their palette. Just like in this colorful tattoo design, depicting a large-scale flower and leaves almost in sleeve style.

It just looks like a watercolor painting, doesn’t it? You can opt for a floral theme if you want a colorful tattoo on any part of your body.

9. Messy Paint Brush Colorful Tattoo

paint brush colorful tattoo

“Only few people in this world understand what does it mean to be really emerged into your work and have a literal chaos all around you. This applies to painting, cooking, tattooing, etc. I can never “clean as I go” because for me it means that I’m not passionate enough for the moment of creation. All my clients can confirm how my station looks like after they get a tattoo.”

Aleksandra captions this colorful tattoo design which highlights that no matter what you do, once you truly engaged yourself into it, chaos is inevitable.

We sincerely fell in love with the splash of the color effect of this tattoo design.

10. Colorful Wizard Sea-Star Tattoo

seastar wizard colorful tattoo

Have you ever wanted a happy sea-star wizard tattoo in full color? When it is body ink art, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Just imagine and let the talented hands make your dreams come true. It could be a happy sea-star wizard or a shy koala princess.

Add as many colors as you wish to get the most eye-catching tattoo design ever.

11. Rain Cloud Colorful Tattoo

rain cloud colorful tattoo

Some tattoos are meant to be a reminder to yourself and this can be one of those type of tattoos. You know the saying; “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”

A rain cloud showcases a colorful landscape and the raindrops feel so calming, don’t you think? Guess I will get this colorful tattoo design as my next one.

12. Galaxy Trumpet Colorful Tattoo

galaxy trumpet colorful tattoo

Seems our artist comes across definitely ingenious clients as this galaxy trumpet is another extraordinary design one can ask for that we’ve never seen before.

Love the color combination; the shades of blue and purple, clean lines in the company with the starry look. She inked this colorful tattoo design flawlessly.

After the tuba design, we can say that she transforms musical instruments into unique pieces of art in the most aesthetic way.

13. Colorful Frog Tattoo

colorful frog tattoo

Now imagine a cute frog with a mushroom hat and wearing cowboy boots. His name is Mr. Frederick. He is one of the most fantastic colorful tattoo designs you may have ever encountered.

Such extraordinary tattoo characters jump out of Aleksandra’s feed to amaze the tattoo lovers. “He might look like an easygoing guy, but he’s actually very picky.” she says about Mr. Frederick.

14. Colorful Nature Themed Tattoo In Large Scale

large scale nature themed colorful tattoo

It is a hard decision to make to get a large-scale tattoo design like this one. Starting from one shoulder and finishing just above the hip, this nature-themed colorful tattoo design looks so powerful with all its elements.

If you are courageous enough, you can consider a portrait in watercolor style on your back with lots of flowers, animals, stones, and many more environmental objects.

Look at all the colors that make the background. They make the whole composition even more beautiful, don’t they?

15. Attractive And Colorful Fish Tattoo

colorful fish tattoo

Birds, butterflies, and fish can be the most popular designs of the tattoo world. With its flamboyant tail, this betta fish represents the ideal balance of good and evil.

Also known as fighter fish, it is both cool and aggressive. You may prefer to get a colorful fish tattoo like this one, because it will remind you the importance of keeping calm and avoiding fighting, and when to take action and get into the fight.

16. Abtract Colorful Tattoo On The Rib

Abtract Colorful Tattoo On The Rib

The ribs are one of the most popular places on the body that tattoo fans love to adorn with appealing designs.

When this eye-catching place meets with a colorful tattoo design, the result is always satisfying for the eyes. For example, this impressive design inked by Aleksandra… It just looks like the signature of an artist done with crazy brush strokes.

It starts with red, green, and blue colors; each takes different shades and then blends in altogether in a single line. How amazing!

17. Strong And Colorful Lion Tattoo

colorful lion tattoo on the arm

Representing the bravery and spirit of its owner, lion tattoos highlight the fearless feature of a person and express overcoming a challenge with courage.

Even if you have it in full color as a tattoo design, it still looks strong and heroic reflected through all its facial expressions, especially the eyes.

If you want to reflect that characteristic of yourself, you can think about getting this strong and colorful design inked on your body.

18. Sensational Dancing Lady Colorful Tattoo

dancing girl colorful tattoo

“Dance is one of the most inspirational Art forms for me. Any type of dance, from a classical dance to a pole dance. That magic when someone is capable of transforming emotion into movement.” captions tattoo artist Aleksandra the photo of this charming cover-up tattoo.

It is an extremely spiritual design, as if the lady ascended while dancing through the lotus flower. The colorful background, details of the flower, and the form of the lady altogether compound an inspirational portrait.

19. Colorful Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

colorful hibiscus tattoo on arm

Often associated with happiness, sunshine, and good luck, the hibiscus flower varies in colors, and each color has a different symbolic meaning.

In this design, the artist opted for a nice combination of purple and orange. Purple hibiscus symbolizes freedom and the orange one expresses healing and vitality, but both represent the divine feminine in spiritual literature.

This colorful tattoo of the hibiscus flower is ready to take its place on your body and raise you up spiritually.

20. Colorful Blueberry Bouquet Tattoo Design

Colorful Blueberry Bouquet Tattoo Design

Who can imagine an elegant bouquet of blueberries and sunflowers? Once you spark your creativity, hundreds of outstanding colorful tattoo ideas knock on the door of your imaginative mind.

Blueberries and sunflowers make a surprising combo, while a snake and a bird of paradise flower get combined for another skin art. Curious about that, too? Just keep reading!

21. Snake And Bird Of Paradise Colorful Tattoo

Snake And Bird Of Paradise Colorful Tattoo

This interesting combination is also the artwork of our talented artist. It is hard to guess that it is also a cover-up tattoo but surprisingly enough, achieved without using a lot of black.

The snake is in shades of blue, and the bird of heaven flower is in its most gorgeous style. Very nice and clean portraiture took the most suitable place on its owner.

22. Kandinsky’s Art Colorful Tattoo Version

kandinsky art colorful tattoo

Artists do not always solely reflect their own creativity but sometimes take inspiration from other genius artists. In this colorful tattoo design, Aleksandra reinterprets Kandinsky’s art.

He was the pioneer of abstract art who believed that geometric forms, lines, and colors could express the inner life of the artist.

Through this tattoo art, we can see the art’s transitional aspect. “Where poems and paintings became music, and music became paintings and poems. It was an honor to interpret his painting into a tattoo.” she says.

23. Meaningful Koi Fish Colorful Tattoo Design

koi fish colorful tattoo

Coming in all spectrums of colors, this extremely meaningful Japanese fish is one of the most favored designs in the tattoo world.

It is believed to symbolize strength, energy, prosperity, determination, and independence and bring its owner good luck and various spiritual benefits.

It looks best on the upper arm, which is the most eye-catching place of the body. To us, it is the most appealing, colorful tattoo design that you can opt for.

24. Grandfather & Grandson Colorful Tattoo

dad and son reading book colorful tattoo

In honor of a client’s (Kim) dad, Aleksandra designed this art piece based on an image of Kim’s dad reading a book to her son in their house.

She got inspired by some of their photos and transformed them into an abstract art composition to preserve the good memories forever.

Fine lines and abstract brush strokes look very alluring in this colorful tattoo portraiture.

25. Colorful Mexican Dragon Tattoo

mexican dragon colorful tattoo

In Aztec culture, this dragon is known as Quetzalcoatl and, as its name indicates, a feathered serpent, which is a dragon-like deity important to many mesoamerican cultures. 

Like many dragons in Asian cultures, the feathered serpent has a snake-like body. Nevertheless, it is not covered in scales like most other dragons of different cultures.

In this colorful Mexican dragon design, you can see that the artist included a cute Calavera just in the center of it to enrich the meaning.

The details of the dragon’s head is honestly breathtaking.

26. Poetic And Colorful Mariposa Flower Tattoo

colorful mariposa flower tattoo

“Flor de la mariposa for the sweetest Greisi. This tattoo right here ladies and gentlemen, is what I want to focus on doing. Tattoos not concentrated only on one area, but more like complementing the anatomy. Tattoos that will transfer from one area of the body to the next, flawlessly. It’s poetic.” Aleksandra explains her thoughts about this significantly charming and colorful tattoo design.

27. Colorful DNA Tattoo Design

colorful DNA tattoo

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule that carries the genetic information for the development of the human body.

It is made of two linked strands that wind around each other, which look like a twisted ladder. Knowing the function of this molecule with its impressive pattern, it is not surprising that many people are interested in getting it as a tattoo design.

Supremely dynamic and open to infinite design ideas, having a DNA tattoo can be the best choice for anyone. In this example, you can see how science can be expressed artistically and in full color.

28. Abstract And Feminine Colorful Tattoo Design

feminine abstract colorful tattoo

Let’s read the story of this impressive and colorful tattoo design through the artist’s own words; “Inspired by her. Her as a power. Her as a feeling. Her sensuality and attraction . Creativity and inspiration. Her intuition and sexual nature. She is soft, but so strong at the same time. She always stays real to herself and she’s never afraid to speak the truth. Thank you so much @lex_renay for your complete trust with this design. No reference pics, just freedom to fully enjoy the process of creation. Forever grateful.”

29. Colorful And Outstanding Cowboy Cat Tattoo

cowboy cat colorful tattoo

At first sight, you may think this is a colorful cowboy cat tattoo design, but actually it is not as it seems because it stands for a historic story which you’ll be amazed by when you read about it.

“Did you know that Russian prison tattoos exist? It was a common practice for the prison communities to use tattoos to make a difference between a crime leader from a political prisoner. It’s a whole culture when you dig into it. However, they used to tattoo these different cat designs (some of them with cigars, some of them with hats, scarfs, glasses, they’re hilarious) and every one of them had a different meaning. My client used to be US diplomat and when I asked her why is she getting this tattoo, she said: “If I ever end up in a Russian prison, no one is gonna mess with me with this tattoo!” For me, he looks like Reuben Tishkoff from Oceans 11.” Aleksandra explains. Now just let us know whether you’d ever consider having a tattoo like this or not?

30. Surprising She-Hulk Colorful Tattoo

she-hulk marvel comic colorful tattoo design

Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Super Girl, and of course She Hulk… They are just some of the most popular fiction characters preferred as tattoo designs. This version of She-Hulk is dedicated to its owner and it was inked taking into consideration her taste and style.

Aleksandra and her client also included a pair of scales which is the symbol of balance for decades. The scales were inked in black and highlighted with yellow as if they were shining.

31. Orchids And A Hummingbird Colorful Tattoo

Orchids And A Humming Bird Colorful Tattoo

Orchids are one the most feminine tattoo designs that no one ever regrets having. You may either have an orchid inked in color all alone, which is attractive enough, but combining it with some other patterns is also a good idea.

In this composition, the artist included a hummingbird which means overcoming difficult times on her client’s request. “Orchids for her grandma, hummingbird for her aunt.” she says.

Did you notice the beautiful detail of this tattoo? Yes, it includes the signature of its owner. How colorful and lovely!

32. Swedish Princess Cake Colorful Tattoo

Swedish princess cake colorful tattoo

Prinsesstårta is a “princess cake” that is popular in Sweden, which is made up of layers of sponge cake, pastry cream and raspberry jam, all encased in marzipan.

It is stunning and perfect for birthdays, and celebrations, and a colorful tattoo design. It is fun to have this delicious and traditional cake, which you can fancy if you are fond of pastry and Swedish culture.

33. Colorful Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoo

bird of paradise flower colorful tattoo

We’ve seen many colorful tattoo designs, each of which we bet has sparked many ideas in your mind, but please wait for a little more before making your final decision.

Here we showcase a brilliant bird of paradise tattoo in full color and with some abstract details. Shades of purple, orange and mint dance in harmony for this beautiful hummingbird tattoo, and a gradient leaf serves as the background of it.

You can also notice some artistic fine lines all around the design.

34. Demon On Rooster Colorful Tattoo

demon rooster floral colorful tattoo design

A rooster, a demon and a monstera deliciosa flower come together to make up this fantastic tattoo portrait.

Looking both weird at the first sight with its uncommon elements and interesting at the same time as the viewer wonders about the story behind it.

You know tattoo owners do not always tell about what their tattoo is special for, and I guess this is the case with this extraordinary composition.

All in all, it is incredibly thought-provoking, don’t you think?

35. Colorful And Rich In Meaning Hamsa Tattoo


First seen in ancient Mesopotamia and Phoenicia, the Hamsa sign symbolizes the “Hand of God”. This mystical pattern is believed to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Aleksandra took blue and purple on her palette to give life to her magical and powerful tattoo design. Bursting with the best shades of blue, would you like to have such a colorful tattoo design for yourself?

36. Spiritual And Feminine Colorful Tattoo

galaxy water feminine colorful tattoo

Close your eyes and let the waves wash away your fears, then look at the sky to realize the endless possibilities each and every day offers you.

Aleksandra captions this extremely beautiful and colorful tattoo design with this reminder; “Being underwater is peaceful. But don’t forget to look up to the stars. Stay grounded, but keep growing.” Such an artistic and imposing tattoo design that it is impossible not to get impressed by.

37. Lovely Mom & Daughter Bee Colorful Tattoo

mother daughter bee matching colorful tattoo

This is one of the most exceptional matching tattoos we’ve ever seen. They look so identical but have slight differences you get amazed once you notice them. We love how Aleksandra blends blue and purple and gives a space effect perfectly.

For the other one, she preferred yellow and brown, as if the honeycombs were filled with sunshine. The wings of both bees include neat fine-line artwork.

We wonder about your opinions on this alluring tattoo design.

38. Maine Landscape Colorful Tattoo

maine landscape colorful tattoo

Getting the landscape of your hometown inked on your skin is also a meaningful idea. In this photo, you can see a warm Maine landscape, a little reminder of where its owner, Bailey, grew up.

It just looks like a miniature portrait of charming scenery. With all those colors and style, the fine-art vibe of this design is very apparent, don’t you think?

39. Calle Ocho Inspired Colorful Rooster Tattoo

Calle Ocho inspired rooster colorful tattoo

Kukukuru! Do you know about Calle Ocho roosters? They are a part of Cuban culture and you can see many sculptures of them in Little Havana, spread all along Calle Ocho and Flagler Street in particular.

They have many meanings, and there are various stories about them. Leaving all aside, one thing is clear about them; they symbolize macho masculinity.

They say you can see their characteristics in gentlemen who walk down the streets of Calle Ocho. The rooster looks gorgeous with its tail, crest, claws, and beak! What do you think about this colorful tattoo version of it?

40. Colorful Flow With Feathers Tattoo Design


A colorful flow of art on your shoulder… Doesn’t that sound good? Starting from red and continuing with orange, yellow, then green, blue and ending with the most vibrant shade of purple.

It looks like the artist has left a rainbow-like brush stroke on your skin. Embellished with many feathers spread all around freely, the artist adds some spiritual vibe to this colorful and influential tattoo design.

41. Colorful Gun With Butterfly Tattoo Design

colorful gun tattoo design

Seriously detailed gun tattoo on a camouflage background which is pixelated and has the classic colors of this pattern, namely; shades of green and yellow.

What’s amazing about this colorful tattoo design is that the butterfly just settled on the gun’s tip.

The artist inked it in purple, which symbolizes peace, independence, and ambition. This feature makes the design even more outstanding, doesn’t it?

42. Small Colorful Floral Tattoo Design

floral small colorful tattoo on shoulder

“Stretch marks are normal. Yes, you can get a tattoo over them. Not to cover them, but to enhance them. Because your body can get bigger or smaller. And you will still be beautiful.” explains our artist, how she turned a stretch mark into a piece of art.

We love our bodies and stretchmarks, but why not regard them as a reason to have more tattoos? Isn’t it a smart idea?

Personally, after seeing this, I am planning to get a colorful and floral tattoo on my surgery scar.

43. Minimalist And Colorful Fire Tattoo

minimalist colorful fire tattoo

Let’s set a minimalist but cute fire here! Representing life and death, creativity, and remembrance, fire tattoos can be applied to any part of your body and in many styles.

The gradient effect works best for colorful fire tattoos. It starts with the brightest hues of yellow then slowly turns into orange then finishes in the boldest tones of red.

Framed with fine lines which inked masterfully to set a boundary to this perfect piece of art. There is no harm in having a little fire on your body, don’t you think?

44. Artful Female Body Colorful Tattoo Design

colorful female body tattoo design

Imagine a woman silhouette in abstract form and a colorful lightning strikes on it as the final touch of the artist.

Starting from purple, ending up its gradient trace in drops of yellow… An artistic signature bursts in color! “At the core of every living thing is an unwavering band of light.” Aleksandra states about this amazing colorful tattoo design.

Would you like to have a piece of body art like this for yourself? We guess you’ll surely agree!

45. Colorful Veggies Tattoo Design

colorful veggies tattoo design

Fresh veggies and fruits! For us, as beautiful as floral tattoos, and they look aesthetically appealing on the skin as a tattoo design.

Aleksandra made this rich in vitamins and a colorful tattoo design for a client based on the cover of her book.

“It’s a book for an intentional cleanse, amazingly put together and colorful! I made all fruits a veggies more stylized for a better artistic representation.” she explains.

Such a pattern on your body looks strong in meaning and a cool reminder for a healthy diet.

46. Amazing And Colorful Eye Tattoo Design

eye colorful tattoo

Gateway of our souls, eye tattoos have always been among the most powerful and preferred tattoo designs.

In many cultures and belief systems, they represent knowledge, mysticism, wisdom, as well as protection against evil, they are strong in meaning and beautiful as a tattoo pattern.

They are versatile and can be styled in any way, and can be the star of any ink composition.

47. Lucky Charm Colorful Tattoo Design

lucky charm colorful tattoo

Taking inspiration from one of her client’s lucky charms, Aleksandra custom-made this tattoo adding her creativity and artistic style to generate the whole colorful tattoo composition.

“He wears it around his neck everywhere he goes. I love transforming elements/objects/feelings/words into my own tattoo interpretation!” she explains.

Here we’d like to remind you that; to get the most satisfying result, you need to have an open dialogue with the artist. Never hesitate to discuss with them EXACTLY what you exactly want.

48. “The Freeing Of Feelings” Colorful Tattoo

female body abstract colorful tattoo

“I stopped resisting the unpleasant feelings and accepted that happiness has nothing to do with feeling good all the time.” she captions this exceptional body-ink portrait.

Once you become the observer of your feelings, you become more aware of what’s going on inside and take control of everything.

This colorful tattoo showcases feelings with various colors, and she hugs/accepts all of them as they are. It reminds us that; we haven’t come to this world to feel good but to experience all feel deeply.

49. Colorful Owl Tattoo Design

owl colorful tattoo on the neck

When the design finds the best placement for itself, the work becomes a masterpiece to be carried out by its owner forever, and this is one of those tattoos.

An owl figure has a rich spiritual value and symbolizes many things, including wisdom, mystery, magic, and transition.

In some ancient cultures, owls are often associated with the afterlife, and they are considered to be spiritual guides for humans. It is a popular pattern as a tattoo design and is inked in various styles.

We love it in blue and orange as a colorful tattoo design.

50. Interesting Fiddleheads Colorful Tattoo

fiddleheads and ferns colorful tattoo

We’ve never heard or seen a fiddlehead before, what about you?

When we searched about this plant, we’ve found some interesting information about it. The furled fronds of a young fern is called fiddleheads.

They are edible and pretty delicious in addition, in ancient times, they were considered to be magical.

People believed that they could become invisible, know about the future and become immortal if they eat it.

After knowing more about them, it is clear why people have them as tattoo designs. This one contains both bold and colorful aspects which reflect the mystical feature of the plant.

51. Lady-Tree In Blossom Colorful Tattoo

female tree portait colorful tattoo

Nature, women, and water… All remind us of abundance, which means a source of life. Starting from the neck and ending up just above the elbow, this impressive tattoo radiates positive vibes in all aspects.

“I love when tattoos flow with the shape of the body. This tattoo looks like Grandmother Willow when she was young. Do you remember her?” Aleksandra says about this outstanding colorful tattoo design.

52. Colorful And Tropical Leaves Tattoo Design

large leaves colorful tropical tattoo design

If we are talking about colorful tattoos, then it is impossible to get enough floral tattoos.

The tropical theme brings an entirely different aspect to floral tattoos, don’t you think? Shades of green, blue, and orange gave life to this fantastic design.

“I absolutely love bold lines and colors that are placed in a flow with the natural curves of the body!” says the artist about her masterpiece.

Maybe you consider having a colorful tropical flower bouquet for yourself.

53. Colorful Mermaid Tattoo Design

colorful mermeaid tattoo design

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” This splendid tattoo design just reminds us of this quote by Anais Nin.

It is like the quote was interpreted into a colorful tattoo portrait. Associated with purity, love, expressing emotions, patience, and longevity, this clever creature comes at the top of the most popular female tattoos list and never loses its popularity.

We fell in love with this colorful mermaid tattoo’s hair and tail. Super feminine and fantastic at the same time.

54. Noah’s Ark With Rainbow Colorful Tattoo

noah's ark rainbow colorful tattoo design

Legends and mythological stories have always been a source of inspiration for all types of arts and literature. The Great Flood, Noah’s Ark, and his family have been the most influential elements that have been carried out to the modern age and also interpreted as tattoo designs in various styles.

This colorful design by Aleksandra Stojanoska, for instance, ink-art transformed version of the opening verse; “The rainbow reminder that God keeps His promises.”

The Final Word

@AleksandraStojanoska is passionate, talented, and intuitive & we love watching her journey and viewing her creations.

We hope you have enjoyed this beautiful selection of her work as much as we have.