5 Tropical Wedding Destinations in Montego Bay

Summer is the perfect place for going to the beach. The feeling of the cool breeze and hot rays of sun hitting your skin are the moments that people chase when the summer season begins. Montego Bay just happens to be one of the most popular beach spots during the summer, many people fly out just to witness the island at its best shape during the season. Of course, with the amount of people heading to the beach, there is also an expected number of beach weddings that you’re sure to encounter along the way as well. A beach wedding destination is perfect for the adventurous couple who wishes for an unforgettable experience on the most important day of their life and a Tropical Wedding Destination in Montego Bay is the best place to experience this. It goes to show the personality of a wedded couple, and to establish the intimacy between the two of them.

        When it comes to weddings, couples are sure to have a budget for their expenses. For most, a wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect location that will give you not only your money’s worth but also a memory you’ll remember forever. It is important for the venue to have everything that will cater your needs, and with the amount of top rated locations that are fit for a wedding destination in Montego Bay, you are sure to find the best resort for you. Aside from having the best ambience, a beach wedding in Montego Bay could also serve as a Honeymoon destination if you and your partner are both tight on finding time in schedules. This could serve as a two in one deal that eases stress by allowing you much less to plan for.

        With that being said, if you are indeed considering a beach wedding, here are the top 5 tropical wedding destinations at Montego Bay.

  1. Half Moon

Filled with white sand, this location is the perfect wedding destination that makes use of a private, well-preserved beachfront that is excellent for beach wedding pictures. This elegant layout makes use of tropical plants and flowers that bring out the island of Jamaica’s best features. If you wish to utilize every tropical feature of Jamaica, Half Moon is guaranteed to do it for you. Aside from these features, Half Moon’s very own premiere restaurant was also recognized with Jamaica’s best restaurant award. Many people wish to celebrate in a place just as good as Half Moon which is why the sellout rate here is very high.

  1. Holiday Inn Montego Bay

Carrying the name of Holiday Inn, this place is infamous for its amazing facilities and dependable staff. It is no surprise that Holiday Inn Montego Bay has made the list because of these factors. Inquiring here also ensures a close distance between shops and cafes if you intend on touring around and getting a feel of how being a local in Jamaica feels like. The beach may have a small perimeter, but the ambience is perfect for a refreshing vibe that is guaranteed to put you in a state of tranquillity and peace. Including the perfect weather with this ambience is sure to give you a wedding that will be surely stunning and for a good deal.

  1. Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

The white sands on this perfectly maintained beach make a wedding in this location very attractive. Too many decorations will not be necessary since this beachfront already looks good as it stands alone. Wedding packages would also include access to the expanded beach, and more choices of restaurants, pools, and bars. This resort also provides a tour of the island wherein you will be able to witness local attractions of the tropical island. Get in touch with Jamaican culture as you will be able to visit the home of Bob Marley while partying with reggae music available at the Ska Disco. The facilities of Luxury Bahia Principe Resort definitely helps in giving you a complete tropical island experience before, during, and after your wedding day.

  1. Melia Braco Village

Giving a unique twist to a tropical beach wedding, this resort is filled with colonial style villas which provide a pristine touch to the Caribbean shores that wash up on the white sandy beach. In comparison to other beach weddings, Melia Braco Village has an old medieval style architecture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you prefer wedding destinations that do not stray too far away from the old fashioned charm of Caucasian history, this is the perfect wedding destination for you. While waiting, your guests will be able to enjoy tropical wildlife in the resort’s Adventure Park, where they can do various activities such as rock climbing and zip lining.

  1. Royalton Blue Waters

The resort is still quite young but has the latest architectural designs that surely is directed towards younger generations of newlywed couples. Set on a private island, Royalton Blue Waters provides guests with a luxury experience thanks to their accommodating staff and enthralling ocean views from their hotel rooms. This place is perfect for couples who wish to have only a few people present at their wedding because of the secluded perimeter. The staff are dependable in setting up your beach wedding and ensuring that you experience total relaxation by having them take care of all the preparations.

        Once you have been convinced to spend your wedding day on the beaches of Montego Bay, you must be prepared to book as early as you can which is at least six to twelve months in advance since sell out rates are usually high especially during peak seasons in the summer. This is necessary in order to successfully reserve the location and date you wish to get married. Inquiring the available wedding packages will also help save a lot of money and time in preparing for the event. Doing so allows you to have time on other things such as accommodating to guests and relaxing because the workload will be split with the resort staff.


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