5 Best Good-Smelling Detergents Reviewed

Cleaning your clothes is important to providing yourself with clean and fresh smelling laundry. Not only do many detergents adequately clean your clothing and other fabric items, but they also make them smell better all around. In fact, most laundry detergents are made with fresh smelling scents that keep you clothes fresh all day long.

In this article, we will take a look at five of the best smelling laundry detergents that will leave your laundry smelling fantastic. Here is what you need to know before laundry day gets here.

Similar to Tide, Gain is a popular brand that has been a huge option for many years. Their original scent is the most popular, with a scent that no one can forget. However, the Gain Flings, which is the laundry pod option from the Gain company, is the strongest smelling laundry detergent of all the detergents in their lineup.

In fact, they are 50-percent stronger in smell than their typical liquid detergent. It has a relaxing scent that resembles a nature night. These laundry pods smell great, but they are a little more expensive than regular liquid detergent. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Gain Flings, the original Gain liquid detergent is a great option for keeping your laundry fresh.

One of the strongest laundry detergents on the market and one of the most popular, Tide is giving off a distinctive smell that people can recognize anywhere. The original Tide scent is said to be a refreshing smell that is infused with floral notes, and aloe smells. This scent is refreshing, keeping your clothes smelling incredible and clean at the same time.

This laundry detergent has been a popular brand for many years, especially for that original scent that everyone knows and loves. It has a pleasant aroma that keeps the laundry smelling clean and fresh.

While this brand of laundry detergent actually has several scents, their Mountain Breeze scent is one of the strongest in their detergent line. This scent is known for its light smell that often hints of a bit of sea-air or even wildflowers. In fact, mountain breeze scent is the most popular scent from the Purex company.
People have been buying and using this scent for years, giving their laundry a refreshing and pure scent that doesn’t fade quickly at all. Purex has many scents in their line up as well, making them another of the most popular brands.

Arm and Hammer
This old and trusted detergent brand has always been known for its fabulous and refreshing scent. The detergent has been designed for years to provide the best clean possible through eliminating dirt, stains, and smells. The scent is incredible as well, lasting for days after you wash the clothes. It is a refreshing scent that doesn’t easily fade. In fact, it is so potent that your clothes will smell fresh until you wash them again.

You can enjoy up to 140 loads with the typical bottle size, so you get many washes with this incredible scent. Arm and Hammer is a brand that doesn’t have tons of crazy ingredients, and the detergent does a powerful clean on all types of laundry.

Those who are on a budget often choose to go with OxiClean. You’ve probably seen this brand on TV before, especially for the stain fighting power they are known for. This popular brand is an effective detergent that is full of powerful clean and smell. It can be used to clean up stains and odors at the same time. The scent is a refreshing option that will last well past the wash day.
The reason the scent in this detergent is so strong is that of the concentrated ingredients, though they are safe. The scent is known as a sparkling option that will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean for quite some time. The entire OxiClean brand also provides a powerful clean, but the original detergent is ideal for keeping the laundry refreshing.

Doing the laundry each week is a given, but choosing a good smelling detergent to clean your laundry is a choice. However, many people enjoy the fresh scents of their laundry detergent, especially when the scents last longer than a few days. In the article above, the laundry detergents mentioned are all great options for giving your laundry a strong clean with a wonderful scent at the same time.

From Tide to Gain to OxiClean, these detergents can tackle most anything with a cool, refreshing smell that will last through even the toughest of days. With these great detergents, you will be looking forward to getting to your laundry each week just to get a whiff of these powerful and pleasant scents.

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