5 Animal-friendly Shopping Choices

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply concerned that products you buy aren’t tested on animals, a trip to the shops can be a bit of an ethical minefield.

Packaging isn’t always labelled clearly and even when it is, it can take an age to read thoroughly, so discerning which brands and products meet your minimum acceptable standards is a complete conundrum.

So to save time, we’ve collated five animal-friendly shopping choices for your delectation — dive in with a clear conscience.

1. Shoes

Leather has been the base material for shoes for millennia.

And a few years ago, if you didn’t wear animal products, the choice was between bare feet and fashioning your own shoes from fabric remnants — both of which options are entirely impractical, unless you spend all your time on a soft grassy meadow or happen to be a very skilled seamstress.

Thankfully, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place no more, because eco-conscious trainers from vegan shoe brand Womsh are completely cruelty-free and look fantastic too.

2. Hats

If you want to get ahead, get a hat.

But if you want to get ahead in animal-friendly circles, don’t get a hat made of meat (or any product cruelly extracted from a creature’s body).

Check out Conner Handmade Hats for cool bowler, fedora and jackaroo styles made from 100 per cent ethically-sourced Merino wool. They also stock Steampunk top-hats, so you’ll never be stuck looking for the crowning glory to a Cosplay outfit.

3. Underwear

When it comes to clothing, cruelty-free concerns don’t stop at outerwear – they extend to underpants, bras and various other intimate couture items. But luckily, Woron sustainable lingerie can be worn with complete confidence since every part of the supply chain is green, serene and as pleasant as possible to animals and their ecosystems.

And thanks to Danish design smarts, the products look sublimely stylish too.

4. Steaks

When former meat eaters turn vegan, one of the things they miss most is a nice juicy steak.

But thanks to the wonder of food technology, culinary boffins have invented a soya-based steak substitute which has a texture and taste amazingly similar to the real thing.

Grab the Vivera vegan steak at supermarkets like Tesco and give it a whirl.

5. Beauty products

Searching for vegan and animal-friendly beauty products online can be as frustrating as trying to find hen’s teeth. But organic superstore Kijani Living makes it easy – it stocks vegan face masks and perfumes from brands like Pacifica, vegan hemp protein shakes from Nutiva, and much more.

Plus, every one of its thousands of items is tested for ethical credentials before being accepted, so you can shop the whole store with peace of mind.

These five animal-friendly shopping choices should help you purchase with confidence – fill your boots and breathe easy.

That’s our list! Share your own animal-friendly shopping choices in the comments section.

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