4 Ways To Create Your Logo

You’re going to start your own firm, but do you know where you can get a logo for it? Do you want to get a quality image that will be easily remembered by your customers and it can be safely placed on the site and branded products? And it would be quite good if you got the image for free or at a minimum cost?


You can get what you want by using one of the four options suggested below, each of which has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Actually, a logo of this or that degree of uniqueness can be obtained by drawing it yourself;


– by ordering it from a designer;

– by ordering it from web design agencies;

– by holding an auction tender;

– by using an online editor;


1. You draw it yourself


The essence: you are not only the author, but also the direct creator of your logo.



– complete control of the process;

– freedom of charge.



– at the very least, you have to be able to draw;

– it is highly desirable to know and use modern graphic editors;

– as practice shows, too often the result obtained becomes the object of jokes of friends, colleagues and clients for a long time. Not to do mistakes just use mockups like these flyer mockups, to check your result.


Spent time: 10-20 hours.

Cost: $0.


2. We order from the designer.


The essence: first you need to prepare a clear TOR, which will have to list all your wishes. The next stage – the search for the performer, if among your acquaintances are not suitable professionals.


You can search as on various resources (Behance, Odesk, Elance, Guru). Once you have selected the right person, you should agree on a deadline and then monitor the task, making the necessary adjustments (perhaps for an extra fee).



– complete freedom of choice of designers thanks to the large database of freelance sites;

– many of the designers are professionals with relevant professional education and impressive work experience;

– good quality logo at the exit.



– considerable time and effort spent on finding and selecting the right artist;

– the logo may not end up the way you imagined it;

– long, expensive and tedious, and not the fact that the result will meet your expectations;

– the most significant disadvantage, apart from financial risk, is the need to constantly monitor the performance of the work, otherwise you risk not getting the final result at all;

– even the most gifted and experienced designer can simply “not get into the topic”;

– a freelancer can get tritely ill or just not get in touch.


Spent time: from 2 days to 1-2 weeks.

Cost: from 50-100$ to 500-1000$.


3. Order from design studio.


The essence: the same as in the case of a freelancer designer, but much more pleasant and organized. You choose a design studio or web design agency, alone or with the help of the manager of this organization make the TOR, clarify all possible nuances and wait for the result.


To get acquainted with the portfolio and information about the most famous and reliable design studios, click here.



– Your order will be handled by talented craftsmen with an impeccable reputation;

– you are free to choose any design studio you like;

– it’s easier to negotiate, because you won’t be directly with the designer, but with the company manager;

– more guarantees to get good results and, most importantly, on time;

– very high quality logo on the exit.



– expensive, very;

– long time to complete the order.


Spent time: from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months.

Cost: from 1000$ at little-known studios to 20-50 000$ at famous companies.


4. We conduct the auction-tender.


Essence: having registered on one of crowdsourcing sites, for example, DesignCrowd (from $240 for a unique logo) or 99designs ($99, but logos are not unique), it is necessary to create TK and to bring in the system the corresponding sum.


This TK is seen by all designers and, if they wish, perform it. Then it is necessary to choose the winner of the tender with the most suitable work, which receives the money (less often – the three winners), and you get the sources in return.



– there is always a choice of several ready-made options;

– you can communicate with the authors and ask them to make corrections;

– there are no deadlines, because there’s no deadline in general.



– Even if you did not like anything at all, at least one winner will still have to choose and pay for his work;

– you’ll have to spend time communicating in case you need any modifications;

– you need to be able to draw up a clear and specific TOR for the development of the logo, otherwise there is a risk of getting a logo that formally corresponds to your TOR, but absolutely not as you expect.


Spent time: 2-4 days.

Cost: 100-200$.


What to choose?

So, if to sum up described above, the best option for large organizations with an impressive budget will be to order from a design studio – long, expensive, but also the result is excellent.